12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Prison Song
3.5 3:21
A2 Needles
3.55 3:14
A3 Deer Dance
3.25 2:55
A4 Jet Pilot
3 2:06
A5 X
3 1:59
A6 Chop Suey!
4.5 3:30
A7 Bounce
3.9 1:54
A8 Forest
3.55 4:00
3.5 2:56
B2 Science
3.55 2:43
B3 Shimmy
3.55 1:51
B4 Toxicity
4.1 3:39
B5 Psycho
3.35 3:46
B6 Aerials
4 6:11


12" Vinyl 1

drums (drum set):
John Dolmayan (tracks A1–B6)
bass guitar:
Shavo Odadjian (tracks A1–B6)
Daron Malakian (tracks A1–B6)
Serj Tankian (tracks A1–B6)
additional guitar:
Kirk Hammett (track B6)
additional vocals:
Shavo Odadjian (tracks A1–B6)
Shavo Odadjian (tracks A4, A7, B4)
Daron Malakian (tracks A1–B2, B4–B6)
Serj Tankian (tracks A2, B3)
Daron Malakian (tracks A1–A3, A6, B1, B5–B6)
Serj Tankian (tracks A1–B6)
Daron Malakian (tracks A1–B6)
Serj Tankian (tracks A1–B6)
phonographic copyright by:
Sony Music Entertainment Inc. (not for release label use! company owned by Sony Corporation of America from 1991–2004; operated worldwide except in JP) (2001 –) (tracks A1–B6)
DDevil Music (track B2)
ilovecoffee (track B2)
Chop Starz! by G3RSt (track A6)
later parody versions:
Downer of a Sister (track A6)
recording of:
ATWA (track B1)
Aerials (track B6)
Arto (song by System of a Down, said to refer to Arto Tunçboyacıyan) (track B6)
Bounce (track A7)
Chop Suey! (track A6)
Deer Dance (track A3)
Forest (track A8)
Jet Pilot (track A4)
Needles (track A2)
Prison Song (track A1)
Psycho (track B5)
Science (track B2)
Shimmy (track B3)
Toxicity (track B4)
X (track A5)
referred to in medleys: