CD-R 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Dr. Dre (Lolo) & Barry Adamson (007, a Fantasy Bond Theme) & Audio Shrapnel (James Bond/James Hyman intro)
James Hyman 2:14
2 John Barry (Lets Go Get 'Em) & Usher (Yeah [A Cappella])
James Hyman 0:27
3 Yeah (radio edit)
Usher 1:50
4 Crooklyn Clan (feat. Stik E) (Say Wuut) & Hip Hop Party Booster (Party Booster for Djs)
James Hyman 1:24
5 Diamonds Are Forever
Shirley Bassey 0:52
6 M.O. P & Mark Ronson (Ante Up vs. Led Zeppelin vs. Queens of the Stone Age)
James Hyman 2:46
7 Fit but You Know It (radio edit vs. Poj edit)
The Streets 2:00
8 The James Bond Theme
Count Basie 1:01
9 Perez 'Prez' Prado vs. Beyonce (Crazy Prado [Cropstar]) & Beyonce (feat. Jay-Z) (Crazy in Love [Poj edit])
James Hyman 1:13
10 Don't Jump Bitch Move
Crooklyn Clan 0:51
11 What More Can I Say?
Danger Mouse 1:24
12 Redhead Kingpin (Do the Right Thing [A Cappella] & George McRae (I Get Lifted))
James Hyman 1:53
13 I Know You Got Fish (Rakim vs. Marillion)
Audio Shrapnel 1:31
14 Jackin' (It Got Ugly)
Rhymefest 2:25
15 John Barry (Opening Title Off 'From Russia With Love') & Tim G (Toxic Secret)
James Hyman 2:17
16 Agent Lovelette (Stand Up, Word Up) & Cameo (Word Up [DJ Spinbad mix])
James Hyman 2:22
17 Milkshake (a cappella)
Kelis 2:05
18 Relax Your Flava
Go Home Productions 1:53
19 A View to a Kill
Duran Duran 0:42
20 He Not In
Chicken Lips 0:37
21 Tiga (Pleasure From the Bass) & Raze (Break 4 Love)
James Hyman 3:48
22 My My My
Armand van Helden 1:37
23 Bond 77
Marvin Hamlisch 1:10
24 Sexy Model
Frenchbloke & Son 1:52
25 The Man With the Golden Gun
Lulu 0:38
26 Lazy Onions (X-Press II vs. Booker T & The Mgs)
Nobody Likes a Snob 1:11
27 Miss Dynamiteehee
The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain 2:10
28 Walk This Way
Hayseed Dixie 1:34
29 Fat Bottomed Girls (Digital Remaster)
Queen 1:56
30 Manifest (Og Returns) & Monty Norman (James Bond Theme)
James Hyman 1:17
31 Thru the Wire (Still Standing)
Kanye West 2:18
32 Frontin' Close (Pharell vs. The Cure)
Mr. Fitzpop 2:18
33 Air (Alpha Beta Gaga) & Scissor Sisters (take Your Mama [radio edit])
James Hyman 2:00
34 Louis Armstrong (We Have All the Time in the World) & Ludacris (Stand Up)
James Hyman 0:46
35 Crooklyn Clan (Where My Niggaz@! vs. Don't Jump Bitch Move)
James Hyman 0:48
36 In da Club (A Cappella)
50 Cent 0:23
37 Da Best Club
50 Emotions 1:13
38 Upside Down & Dirty (Diana Ross vs. Christina Aguilera)
G Sweet 1:11
39 Boney M (Sunny) & Mark Ronson (Oooh Wee)
James Hyman 1:07
40 Intergalactic Rock It Mediate (Soulwax mix)
Beastie Boys 1:27
41 Wanna Jump?!?!?
Crooklyn Clan 1:02
42 King of the Jump Around (Soulwax mix)
House of Pain 0:43
43 Live and Let Die
Wings 1:23
44 Scissor Sisters (take Ya Mama) & George Martin (Bond Meets Solitaire)
James Hyman 3:34
45 Hip Hop
dead prez 1:15
46 Trip to the Moon, Part II
Acen 1:42
47 You Only Live Twice
Björk 0:28
48 Nobody Does It Better
Carly Simon 0:35
49 Radiohead (Nobody Does It Better) & Audio Shrapnel (James Bond/James Hyman outro)
James Hyman 2:55
50 Chateau Flight
John Barry 0:40


CD-R 1

John Barry (film composer; known for James Bond) (tracks 25, 47)
Marvin Hamlisch (track 48)
Brian May (Queen guitarist) (track 29)
Brian May (Queen guitarist) (track 29)
Don Black (English lyricist) (track 25)
Leslie Bricusse (track 47)
Carole Bayer Sager (track 48)
John Barry (film composer; known for James Bond) (track 19)
Curtis Jackson (track 36)
John Barry (film composer; known for James Bond) (track 19)
Andre R. Young (Andre Young, rap producer) (track 36)
Mike Elizondo (track 36)
David Foster (Canadian music producer, arranger and composer) (track 31)
Chad Hugo (track 17)
Tom Keane (of The Keane Brothers) (track 31)
Simon Le Bon (Singer for Duran Duran) (track 19)
Linda McCartney (track 43)
Paul McCartney (track 43)
Nick Rhodes (track 19)
Andy Taylor (of Duran Duran) (track 19)
John Taylor (UK bassist for Duran Duran) (track 19)
Roger Taylor (Duran Duran drummer) (track 19)
Cynthia Weil (track 31)
Kanye West (track 31)
Pharrell Williams (track 17)
Blotter (track 36)
Elvismambo Music (track 36)
High on Life Music (track 36)
Music of Windswept (track 36)
Queen Music Ltd. (track 29)
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) (track 36)
Live and Let Die (for brass band, Farr) (track 43)
cover recording of:
You Only Live Twice (track 47)
is based on:
Through the Fire (track 31)
later parody versions:
Chicken Pot Pie (track 43)
Didn't Just Die (track 43)
later translated versions:
part of:
We Will Rock You (German version of the Queen musical) (track 29)
recording of:
A View to a Kill (track 19)
Fat Bottomed Girls (track 29)
In da Club (track 36)
Live and Let Die (track 43)
Milkshake (track 17)
Nobody Does It Better (from "The Spy Who Loved Me") (track 48)
Through the Wire (track 31)
referred to in medleys:
Themes from 007 (A Medley for Orchestra, arr. Calvin Custer) (track 43)
Don't Stop Them Now (track 29)