Recorded at The Village Vanguard, NYC, November 2 and 3, 1961

impulse! MCAD-39136
Strange it's not that easy to find nowadays...
Raw list of cat and reissues (need to figure out exact content):
MCA 254627 (LP); MCA 29009 (LP); MCA 39136 (LP); Spa A(S)10 (LP) Can; HMV CLP1590 (LP) Eng; HMV CSD1456 (LP) Eng; Imp IMPL8041 (LP) Eng; Jas JAS9 (LP) Eng; Imp IMP10 (LP) Fr; Imp 2522051Z (LP) Ger; Imp NY-10 (LP) Jpn; Imp SNY-10 (LP) Jpn; Imp MH3014 (LP) Jpn; Imp SH3021 (LP) Jpn; Imp SR3096 (LP) Jpn; Imp IMP88073 (LP) Jpn; Imp YP8521 (LP) Jpn; MCA VIM4611 (LP) Jpn; Imp M50010 (CS); MCA ASC10 (CS); MCA MCAC39136 (CS); Jas JAS C9 (CS) Eng; Imp M80010 (8T); Imp 872 695 (CD); Imp 254627-2YS (CD) Ger; Imp 32XD582 (CD) Jpn; Imp MVCI-23089 (CD) Jpn; Imp MVCZ28 (CD) Jpn

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Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Spiritual
2 Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise
3 Chasin' the Trane


Vinyl 1

Elvin Jones (Jazz drummer) (1961-11-02) (tracks 2–3)
Elvin Jones (Jazz drummer) (1961-11-03) (track 1)
soprano saxophone:
John Coltrane (1961-11-02) (track 2)
soprano saxophone and tenor saxophone:
John Coltrane (1961-11-03) (track 1)
Jimmy Garrison (1961-11-02) (track 3)
double bass:
Reggie Workman (track 1)
Reggie Workman (1961-11-02) (track 2)
McCoy Tyner (1961-11-02) (track 2)
McCoy Tyner (1961-11-03) (track 1)
bass clarinet:
Eric Dolphy (1961-11-03) (track 1)
tenor saxophone:
John Coltrane (1961-11-02) (track 3)
Bernd Heitzler (track 2)
John Coltrane (tracks 1, 3)
Sigmund Romberg (1928) (track 2)
Oscar Hammerstein II (1928) (track 2)
Redwood Music Ltd. (Carlin) (track 2)
Warner Bros., Inc. (not for release label use!) (track 2)
recorded at:
Village Vanguard in New York, New York, United States (1961-11-02) (tracks 1–3)
Village Vanguard in New York, New York, United States (1961-11-02 – 1961-11-03) (tracks 2–3)
later translated versions:
夏にしとくれ (track 2)
live instrumental cover recording of:
Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise (The New Moon) (1961-11-02 – 1961-11-03) (track 2)
live recording of:
Chasin' the Trane (1961-11-02 – 1961-11-03) (track 3)
Spiritual (1961-11-02 – 1961-11-03) (track 1)
part of:
referred to in medleys:


producer: Bob Thiele (producer & songwriter)
ASIN: JP: B00005L8YA [info]