~ Release by Johann Sebastian Bach; Berliner Philharmoniker, Sir Simon Rattle, Peter Sellars (see all versions of this release, 1 available)


Video of live performance on 11. April 2010 at the Philharmonie, Berlin. "Ritualization" by Peter Sellars.

Bonus Videos, on DVD 1 and Blu-ray Disc:
Peter Sellars in conversation with Simon Halsey (51:00)
About the Berliner Philharmoniker's Digital Concert Hall (5:30)


Credits, from the liner book, until they get entered as Advanced Relationships:
Berliner Philharmoniker
Sir Simon Rattle: Dirigent · Conductor
Peter Sellars: lnszenierung · Staging
Mark Padmore: (Evangelist) Tenor
Christian Gerhaher: (Jesus) Bass
Camilla Tilling: Sopranrezitative und -arien
Magdalena Kozena: Alt rezitative und -arien
Topi Lehtipuu: Tenorrezitative und -arien
Thomas Quasthoff: Bass rezitative und -arien

Mitglieder des Rundfunkchors Berlin:
Jorg Schneider: (Judas) Bass
Soren von Billerbeck: (Petrus) Bass
Axel Scheidig: (Pilatus) Bass
Christine Lichtenberg: (Zeuge I) Alt
Holger Marks: (Zeuge II) Tenor
David Stingl: (Hohepriester I) Bass
Thomas Pfützner: (Hohepriester II) Bass
Isabelle Voßkühler: (Magd I) Sopran
Christina Bischoff: (Magd II) Sopran
Barbara Kind: (Frau des Pilatus) Sopran

Rundfunkchor Berlin:
Simon Halsey: Einstudierung
Knaben des Staats- und Domchors Berlin:
Kai-Uwe Jirka: Einstudierung

Daishin Kashimoto: Violine
Daniel Stabrawa: Violine
Emmanuel Pahud: Querflöte I
Florian Aichinger: Querflöte II
Albrecht Mayer: Oboe / Oboe d'amore I
Christoph Hartmann: Oboe d'amore II
Dominik Wollenweber: Oboe da caccia I
Andreas Wittmann: Oboe da caccia II
Hille Perl: Viola da gamba

Basso continuo:
Georg Faust: Violoncello
lvano Zanenghi: Laute (Theorbe)
Evangelina Mascardi: Laute (Theorbe)
Andrea Marcon: Orgel
Raphael Alpermann: Orgel

Use of Relationships for soloists

This performance has two orchestras and three choruses. Members of each group sometimes come forward to perform as soloists, in addition to performing as part of their group. There are six vocal soloists: Evangelist, Jesus, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass. My policy in crediting soloists is:

  • For tracks with music, credit whichever of the six vocal soloists are audible, and whichever of the orchestras and choruses are standing or downstage or otherwise prominent as solo players.
  • For the tracks at the start of Part I and Part II, credit those of the six vocal soloists who are visible on stage, as well as the orchestras and choruses.
  • For the bows and applause track at the end of Disc 2 ("Abspann"), credit the orchestral soloists who are singled out by the conductor, as well as the soloists who are standing downstage of the orchestra and choruses.

Peter Sellars is stage director for this semi-staged production. He is credited for "Ritualization", and named on the cover of the Release. I make him a Release Artist. I name him with a "Performer" Relationship for the final "Abspann" track, because there's no "Stage Director" Relationship.

Use of Relationships is a bit odd, because this is a video Release with visuals as well as audio, and the current portfolio of Relationships really describe only audio, and non-performer support roles.

The intention for Recording Artists is to include orchestra, conductor, chorus if they appear, any of the six vocal soloists who appear, and any instrumental soloists who are credited by Relationship. There are many tracks, and this work is incomplete.

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