The tracks 4 and 5 have wrong times. This CD uses a nice trick which displays the beginning of 5th track with negative time (-60 seconds). When ripping, this 60 second part is glued to the 4th track, while when listening to the CD on a stereo, the 5th track begins with the negative time and when it comes to 0:00, the main part of the track 5 begins.

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Ghost Reveries, an observation by Opeth was recorded at Fascination Street Studios, Örebro, between March 15 and June 1, 2005.
Mastered at Cutting Room / Stockholm.
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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Ghost of Perdition
4.75 10:29
2 The Baying of the Hounds
5 10:41
3 Beneath the Mire
4.5 7:57
4 Atonement
3.5 6:28
5 Reverie / Harlequin Forest
4.5 11:39
6 Hours of Wealth
3.5 5:20
7 The Grand Conjuration
4.6 10:21
8 Isolation Years
3.75 3:51


CD 1

drums and percussion:
Martin Lopez (tracks 1–8)
Peter Lindgren (tracks 1–8)
Mikael Åkerfeldt (tracks 1–8)
Martín Méndez (Opeth's bass player) (tracks 1–8)
Mikael Åkerfeldt (tracks 1–4, 4–8)
lead vocals:
Mikael Åkerfeldt (tracks 1–8)
Mikael Åkerfeldt (tracks 1–8)
Zomba Music Publishing (music publisher - add no releases here!) (tracks 1–4, 4–8)
recording of:
Beneath the Mire (track 3)
Ghost of Perdition (track 1)
Harlequin Forest (track 5)
Hours of Wealth (track 6)
Isolation Years (track 8)
Atonement (track 4)
Reverie (track 4)


bass guitar: Martín Méndez (Opeth's bass player)
drums and percussion: Martin Lopez
electric piano, grand piano, mellotron and organ: Per Wiberg
guitar family: Peter Lindgren
Mikael Åkerfeldt
additional art direction: Opeth
additional engineer: Opeth
additional mastering: Opeth
additional mixer: Opeth
additional recording engineer: Anders Alexandersson
Rickard Bengtsson
Niklas Källgren
art direction: Travis Smith (Album artwork designer and illustrator)
booking: Tim Borror
Tobbe Lorentz
co-producer: Jens Bogren
composer: Opeth
Mikael Åkerfeldt
design/illustration: Travis Smith (Album artwork designer and illustrator)
engineer: Jens Bogren
lead vocals: Mikael Åkerfeldt
legal representation: Saguit Saad
lyricist: Mikael Åkerfeldt
mastering: Jens Bogren
Thomas Eberger
mixer: Jens Bogren
producer: Opeth
ASIN: UK: B000AADYYO [info]
Discogs: [info]