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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Dominion / Mother Russia
4.2 7:02
A2 Flood I
3.25 6:22
A3 Lucretia My Reflection
4.35 4:57
A4 1959
4.2 4:11
B1 This Corrosion
4.25 10:55
B2 Flood II
3.5 6:47
B3 Driven Like the Snow
3 6:28
B4 Never Land (A Fragment)
3 2:56


12" Vinyl 1

drums (drum set):
Doktor Avalanche (track A1)
bass guitar:
Patricia Morrison (track A1)
additional producer:
Jim Steinman (track A1)
background vocals:
Tawatha Agee (track B1)
Curtis King (singer-songwriter) (track B1)
Holly Sherwood (track B1)
Gina Taylor (track B1)
Vaneese Thomas (track B1)
Brenda White-King (track B1)
choir vocals:
The New York Choral Society (tracks A1, B1)
Andrew Eldritch (tracks A1, A1–B4)
lead vocals:
Andrew Eldritch (tracks A1–B4)
Andrew Eldritch (tracks A1, A1–B4)
Larry Alexander (tracks A1–A4, B2–B4)
Andrew Eldritch (tracks A1–A4, B2–B4)
Jim Steinman (tracks A1, B1)
recording of:
1959 (track A4)
Dominion (track A1)
Flood I (track A2)
Flood II (track B2)
Mother Russia (track A1)
Never Land (track B4)
This Corrosion (track B1)