Self-released by Magnuson's own in-house label. No serial/catalog number. Sold by her at live shows. Produced by Kristian Hoffman. Songs written by Jobriath, arranged by Kristian Hoffman. Spoken word written and performed by Ann Magnuson. Otherwise written by Ann Magnuson and Kristian Hoffman, arranged by Kristian Hoffman. Vocals by Ann Magnuson; keyboards by Kristian Hoffman; electric, acoustic and e-bow guitars, and mandolin, by Jonathan Lea; bass by Miiko Watanabe; drums and percussion by Joseph Berardi; guest vocal on "I'Maman" by Russell Mael; strings arranged & conducted by Jef Bruner; backing vocals by Lisa Jenio, Kristi Callan, Weba Garreston; "other voices" by Ann Magnuson. Engineered by Mark Wheaton at CATASONIC. Mixed & mastered by Earle Mankey. Basic tracks recorded by Jim Lang at Knobworld Studios. Vocals & all other recording at CATASONIC.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Prologue
3 0:43
2 Heartbeat
4 3:09
3 ''Now Who Was Jobriath?''
4 1:06
4 I'Maman
5 4:10
5 ''Back in the Day''
3 2:40
6 Blow Away
4 4:12
7 Gone Tomorrow
4 4:29
8 Epilogue
3 2:10