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CD 1: Captains Courageous / Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
1Main Title (Captains Courageous)
Franz Waxman1:38
2In the Night / The One I Love Best
Franz Waxman0:46
3Here Comes Cushman
Franz Waxman2:04
4Back on the Boat
Franz Waxman0:41
5Bad Boy
Franz Waxman1:17
6After the Song / Fishing Montage (retake)
Franz Waxman3:59
7Cushman Sailing / Anchor Up (retake) / Sailing Along
Franz Waxman4:22
8Manuel Overboard
Franz Waxman3:04
9Manuel Drowns
Franz Waxman2:48
10Manuel’s Death / Back in Gloucester
Franz Waxman2:29
11Harvey’s Father
Franz Waxman2:48
12In the Church
Franz Waxman2:03
13In the Dory
Franz Waxman1:55
14Rock of Ages / End Title
Franz Waxman1:51
15Exit Music
Franz Waxman2:35
16After the Song / Fishing Montage (original)
Franz Waxman4:02
17Cushman Sailing (alternate) / Anchor Up (alternate) / Sailing Along
Franz Waxman4:58
18Main Title (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)
Franz Waxman1:19
19First Experiment / First Failure / In the Laboratory
Franz Waxman3:58
20Ivy’s Room - Parts 1 & 2
Franz Waxman2:42
21Work Montage / Albert Hall / Mr. Higgins Died
Franz Waxman3:03
22Walk Through the Park and a Letter to Miss B
Franz Waxman1:50
23Unexpected Visitor
Franz Waxman1:57
24Sex Montage
Daniele Amfitheatrof0:58
25See Me Dance the Polka
George Grossmith3:08
26Ivy Alone
Daniele Amfitheatrof0:33
27Piano Improvisation
Franz Waxman1:37
28The Museum
Franz Waxman2:13
29Grande Valse Brillante, Op. 34 No. 2 in a Minor
Frédéric Chopin0:59
30Farewell, Beatrice - Parts 1 & 2
Franz Waxman0:32
31Hyde’s Escape / Trapped
Franz Waxman5:36
Franz Waxman0:49
33Ivy’s Room - Parts 1 & 2 (alternate)
Franz Waxman2:46
CD 2: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn / A Christmas Carol / Woman of the Year
1Main Title (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)
Franz Waxman1:26
2The Letter
Franz Waxman1:16
3Huck Is Leaving
Franz Waxman1:02
4On the Island / First Adventure
Franz Waxman4:18
5At Night
Franz Waxman2:42
6The Chase
Franz Waxman2:40
7The River Queen
Franz Waxman2:10
8Jim in Danger / Jim Is Safe
Franz Waxman3:38
9End Title
Franz Waxman1:37
10Main Title (A Christmas Carol)
Felix Mendelsohn-David Snell1:11
11Threadneedle Street / Fred and Bob
Franz Waxman4:35
12Fred’s Speech
David Snell0:46
13Closing Time
Franz Waxman0:33
14Bottle of Wine / Street Fight / The Goose Walk / Bob Comes Home
Franz Waxman3:56
15God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
16Marley / Marley’s Ghost
Franz Waxman3:20
17Marley Is Back / Marley’s Warning
Franz Waxman3:22
18First Spirit / Spirit’s Flight & Young Scrooge / Young Scrooge
Franz Waxman5:20
19Before Awakening
David Snell0:56
20Magic Horn
Franz Waxman1:27
21Montage / Third Spirit
Franz Waxman2:27
22Tiny Tim
Franz Waxman0:34
Franz Waxman1:30
24Christmas Morning
Franz Waxman-Georges Bizet2:01
25End Title (alternate)
David Snell0:56
26Main Title (Woman of the Year)
Franz Waxman1:17
27Fantaisie Impromptu - In C-Sharp Minor, Op. 66
recording of:
Fantaisie-impromptu in C-sharp minor, op. 66
Fryderyk Chopin (composer) (in 1834)
part of:
Works of Fryderyk Chopin by opus number (number: op. 66)
Frédéric Chopin2:45
28Football in Chicago
Franz Waxman0:32
29Meet Miss Harding (alternate) / The Hat
Franz Waxman0:51
30Breakfast Scene
Franz Waxman1:45
31After Banquet
Franz Waxman0:54
32After the Banquet
Franz Waxman0:30
33Arrival at Ellen’s
Franz Waxman3:20
34Before Wedding
Franz Waxman1:05
35Lohengrin - Wedding March
Richard Wagner0:43
36End Title
Franz Waxman0:38
CD 3: Count Your Blessings / Love on the Run / Fury
CD 4: Suspicion / The Devil-Doll / King of the Roaring 20’s – the Story of Arnold Rothstein