Recorded at Woodley Farm, Stratford, McClear Pathé, Toronto, additional recording at Inception Sound, Toronto, Manta Sound, Toronto, Real World Studios, Box, Wiltshire, mixed at McClear Pathé, except for "Santiago" mixed at Real World Studios, mastered at Gateway.

1994 Release:
Label: Quilan Road Limited (LC 4281) - Cat#: WE833 - Distributor: Warner Music

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 The Mystic’s Dream 4 7:42
2 The Bonny Swans 4 7:21
3 The Dark Night of the Soul 4 6:45
4 Marrakesh Night Market 4 6:30
5 Full Circle 4 5:57
6 Santiago 3 5:59
7 Cé Hé Mise le Ulaingt? / The Two Trees 3 9:10
8 Prospero’s Speech 3 3:23


CD 1

Hugh Marsh (tracks 2–4, 6)
Anne Bourne (tracks 1–2)
Ofra Harnoy (cellist) (track 7)
cello and strings:
George Koller (track 3)
cello and strings arranger:
John Welsman (track 7)
bodhrán and bouzouki:
Dónal Lunny (track 2)
Ravi Naimpally (track 1)
Dónal Lunny (track 6)
hurdy gurdy:
Nigel Eaton (track 6)
Adele Armin (track 7)
Andy Benac (track 7)
Heinz Boshart (track 7)
Marie Bérard (violinist) (track 7)
David Hetherington (track 7)
Fujiko Imajishi (track 7)
Morry Kernerman (track 7)
Sylvia Lange (track 7)
Susan Lipchak (track 7)
David Miller (undetermined string player) (track 7)
Douglas Perry (Canadian violist) (track 7)
Sharon Prater (track 7)
Marc Sabat (Canadian-born composer) (track 7)
Kent Teeple (track 7)
pipe organ and synthesizer:
Loreena McKennitt (track 8)
Al Cross (track 4)
membranophone and percussion:
Rick Lazar (tracks 1, 6)
membranophone, percussion and udu:
Rick Lazar (track 4)
nai and oud:
Abraham Tawfik (track 1)
Loreena McKennitt (track 3)
George Koller (tracks 2, 4, 8)
bass and cello:
George Koller (track 6)
bass and strings:
George Koller (track 5)
bass and tambura:
George Koller (tracks 1, 7)
electric guitar and oud:
Brian Hughes (guitarist) (track 1)
Rick Lazar (track 2)
keyboard and membranophone:
Loreena McKennitt (track 1)
piano and synthesizer:
Loreena McKennitt (track 7)
accordion and synthesizer:
Loreena McKennitt (tracks 4, 6)
accordion and keyboard:
Loreena McKennitt (track 2)
uilleann pipes:
Patrick Hutchinson (tracks 1, 7)
electric sitar and guitar:
Brian Hughes (guitarist) (track 3)
harp and synthesizer:
Loreena McKennitt (track 5)
balalaika and guitar family:
Brian Hughes (guitarist) (tracks 2, 6)
balalaika, electric guitar and guitar family:
Brian Hughes (guitarist) (track 4)
additional producer:
Dónal Lunny (track 2)
Loreena McKennitt (tracks 2, 6)
background vocals:
Anne Bourne (track 1)
choir vocals:
Victoria Scholars (track 1)
chorus master:
Jerzy Chichocki (track 1)
Patrick Hutchinson (track 7)
Loreena McKennitt (tracks 1–5, 7–8)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (track 6)
Loreena McKennitt (tracks 1, 4–5)
San Juan de la Cruz (John of the Cross) (track 3)
William Shakespeare (English poet and playwright) (track 8)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (tracks 2, 6)
Richard Evans (UK recording engineer & producer) (track 6)
Jeff Wolpert (tracks 1–5, 7–8)
Loreena McKennitt (track 1)
Loreena McKennitt (tracks 1–8)
instrumental recording of:
Santiago (track 6)
recording of:
Full Circle (track 5)
Prospero's Speech (track 8)
The Bonny Swans (track 2)


additional photography:Horst Stasny
photography:Ann Cutting
co-producer:Brian Hughes (guitarist)
Jeff Wolpert
producer:Loreena McKennitt
additional recording engineer:Eric Abrahms
Richard Evans (UK recording engineer & producer)
John Hurlbut
Russell Kearney
Keith Mariash
John Naslen
Denis Tougas
recording engineer:Jeff Wolpert
mastering:Bob Ludwig (mastering engineer)
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ASIN:DE: B000024D23 [info]