Recorded at Christ's Hospital School, Horsham, West Sussex, UK: 21-23 November 2006

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 On Wenlock Edge: On Wenlock Edge
Ralph Vaughan Williams 3:33
2 On Wenlock Edge: From Far, From Eve and Morning
Ralph Vaughan Williams 2:02
3 On Wenlock Edge: Is My Team Ploughing
Ralph Vaughan Williams 3:48
4 On Wenlock Edge: Oh, When I Was in Love With You
Ralph Vaughan Williams 0:41
5 On Wenlock Edge: Bredon Hill
Ralph Vaughan Williams 7:33
6 On Wenlock Edge: Clun
Ralph Vaughan Williams 3:27
7 The Curlew
Peter Warlock 22:19
8 Elegiac Sonnet
Arthur Bliss 7:47
9 Ludlow & Teme: When Smoke Stood up From Ludlow
Ivor Gurney 3:04
10 Ludlow & Teme: Far in a Western Brookland
Ivor Gurney 4:11
11 Ludlow & Teme: 'Tis time I think
Ivor Gurney 1:11
12 Ludlow & Teme: Ludlow Fair
Ivor Gurney 2:17
13 Ludlow & Teme: On the Idle Hill of Summer
Ivor Gurney 2:58
14 Ludlow & Teme: When I Was One and Twenty
Ivor Gurney 1:26
15 Ludlow & Teme: The Lent Lily
Ivor Gurney 3:10


CD 1

violin family:
Fitzwilliam String Quartet (tracks 1–15)
Michael Cox (British flautist) (track 7)
grand piano:
Anna Tilbrook (tracks 1–6, 8–15)
double reed:
Gareth Hulse (track 7)
Ivor Gurney (tracks 9–15)
Peter Warlock (track 7)
Ralph Vaughan Williams (1909) (tracks 1–6)
Sir Arthur Bliss (1954) (track 8)
A. E. Housman (poet) (tracks 1–6)
tenor vocals:
James Gilchrist (tenor) (tracks 1–15)
part of:
Bliss’s works catalogued by Lewis Foreman (Foreman [F.]) (number: F. 156) (track 8)
part of:
On Wenlock Edge (for voice, string quartet and piano) (tracks 1–6)
The Curlew: 1. He Reproves the Curlew (O Curlew, cry no more in the air) (track 7)
The Curlew: 2. The Lover Mourns for the Loss of Love (Pale brows, still hands and dim hair) (track 7)
The Curlew: 3. The Withering of the Boughs (I cried when the moon was murmuring to the birds) (track 7)
The Curlew: 5. He Hears the Cry of the Sedge (I wander by the edge of this desolate lake) (track 7)
recording of:
Elegiac Sonnet (track 8)
On Wenlock Edge: I. On Wenlock Edge (for voice, string quartet and piano) (track 1)
On Wenlock Edge: II. From far, from eve and morning (for voice, string quartet and piano) (track 2)
On Wenlock Edge: III. Is my team ploughing (for voice, string quartet and piano) (track 3)
On Wenlock Edge: IV. Oh, when I was in love with you (for voice, string quartet and piano) (track 4)
On Wenlock Edge: V. Bredon Hill (for voice, string quartet and piano) (track 5)
On Wenlock Edge: VI. Clun (for voice, string quartet and piano) (track 6)
The Curlew (track 7)


ASIN: UK: B000QFBWAG [info]