Minutes to Midnight

~ Release by Linkin Park (see all versions of this release, 26 available)


Current uncreatable relations:
- Studio Production Coordinator: Stephanie Luby
- Album Production Coordinator: Lindsay Chase
- Additional Recording at NRG Recording Studios
- Protools Engineer: Erich Talaba
- Mixed at Paramount Studios
- Mastered at Collins Audio
- All Strings Conducted by David Cambell (currently stored as just 'conducted' for the applicable tracks)
- Artwork by Ekundayo (page 6), Phil Hale (page 8) and Usugrow (pages 12-13) Produced and Curated by Nikos Constant for Span of Sunset, Inc.
- Photography by James Minchin III (digipak cover, back and inside panels, booklet cover and back cover and pages 10-11, 17-19) (currently stored as just 'photography by')
- Studio Photograph by Joe Hahn (pages 2-3) (currently stored as just 'photography by')
- Photography by Frank Maddocks (pages 4-5, 7, 9, 14-16) (currently stored as just 'photography by')
- Additional Photography by Edward Colver, Mike Shinoda and Ethan Mates (digipak studio and rehearsal photos) (currently stored as just 'photography by')
- Photo Manipulation by Frank Maddocks

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CD 1
2Given Up3.63:09
3Leave Out All the Rest3.73:29
4Bleed It Out3.32:44
5Shadow of the Day44:50
6What I've Done3.953:25
7Hands Held High3.853:53
8No More Sorrow3.43:42
9Valentine's Day3.253:17
10In Between3.53:17
11In Pieces2.753:38
12The Little Things Give You Away2.956:24