Label: Warner Bros. Records - Catalog #: BS4-2835 (LP)/M5-2835 (CS)/2-2835 (CD)

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Sweet Maxine 4:27
A2 Neal's Fandango 3:10
A3 Texas Lullaby 5:02
A4 Music Man 3:34
A5 Slat Key Soquel Rag 1:54
B1 Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While) 3:43
B2 I Cheat the Hangman 6:37
B3 Précis 0:59
B4 Rainy Day Crossroad Blues 3:46
B4 I Been Workin' on You 4:26
B5 Double Dealin' Four Flusher 3:30


12" Vinyl 1

strings arranger:
Nick de Caro (tracks A3, B2, B4)
Curtis Mayfield (track A4)
horn and strings arranger:
Paul Riser (track B1)
horn arranger:
Paul Riser (tracks A1, B5)
Lamont Dozier (track B1)
Brian Holland (Motown producer & songwriter) (track B1)
Patrick Simmons (track B2)
guest trumpet:
Conte Candoli (track B2)
Pete Candoli (track B2)
guest membranophone and percussion:
Carl Himmle (track B4)
guest guitar:
Ry Cooder (track B4)
guest congas:
Bobbye Hall (track B1)
guest vocals:
Venetta Fields (tracks B1, B4)
Sherlie Matthews (US vocalist) (tracks B1, B4)
Maria Muldaur (track B2)
Jessica Smith (tracks B1, B4)
Patrick Simmons (track B2)
Eddie Holland (Motown songwriter, lyricist of Holland‐Dozier‐Holland songwriting team) (track B1)
Tom Johnston (guitarist and vocalist with "The Doobie Brothers") (tracks A1, A3–A4, B4–B4)
Patrick Simmons (tracks A1–A2, A5, B2, B5)
cover recording of:
recording of:
I Cheat the Hangman (track B2)
Music Man (track A4)
Neal’s Fandango (track A2)
Précis (track B3)
Slat Key Soquel Rag (track A5)
Sweet Maxine (track A1)
Texas Lullaby (track A3)