12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 How Mountain Girls Can Love 1:56
A2 The Coupon Song 2:34
A3 Clinch Mountain Backstep 1:32
A4 Let Me Love You One More Time 2:01
A5 The Flood 2:51
A6 Turkey in the Straw 2:03
A7 The Lonesome River 3:30
B1 John Henry 3:25
B2 The Wild Side of Life 2:22
B3 The White Dove 3:34
B4 Hard Times 2:13
B5 Don't Go Out Tonight 2:36
B6 How Far to Little Rock 3:17
B7 Cripple Creek 0:24


12" Vinyl 1

Ruby Rakes (track A1)
Carter Stanley (track B3)
Ralph Stanley (tracks A3–A4, B4)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (track A6)
Ruby Rakes (track A1)
Carter Stanley (track B3)
Ralph Stanley (track A4)
previously attributed to:
Rakes (track A3)
Ruby Rakes (track B6)
Carter Stanley (tracks A5, A7, B3)
Ralph Stanley (tracks A5, A7)
Fort Knox Music Co (track A4)
Trio Music Company (track A4)
recorded at:
Ash Grove in West Hollywood, California, United States (1962-08-29) (tracks A1–B7)
Turkey in the Straw (track A6)
is based on:
Lost John (traditional bluegrass song) (track A3)
The Arkansas Traveler (former Arkansas state song) (track B6)
is the basis for:
Straw Breakdown (track A6)
Turkey in the Straw (track A6)
later translated versions:
わらの中の七面鳥 (Japanese version of Turkey in the Straw) (track A6)
recording of:
Hard Times (track B4)
The Flood (track A5)
The Lonesome River (track A7)
Turkey in the Straw (track A6)
White Dove (track B3)

Release Group

part of:Stanley Series - Copper Creek Records (number: 10) (order: 10)