CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Coward 5 5:16
2 When the Bottom Fell Out 3:11
3 Chinaberry Tree 4:11
4 Chain 3:00
5 We Hovered With Short Wings 5:15
6 Philip Guston 3:28
7 Concord Country Jubilee 4:33
8 Flirted With You All My Life 4:42
9 It Is What It Is 6:58
10 Granny 3:25


CD 1

Vic Chesnutt (tracks 1–10)
Vic Chesnutt (tracks 1–10)
Ghetto Bells Music (track 8)
recording of:
Chain (track 4)
Chinaberry Tree (track 3)
Coward (track 1)
Granny (track 10)
It Is What It Is (track 9)
Philip Guston (track 6)


art direction and photography:Jem Cohen
graphic design:Ian Ilavsky
additional sound engineer:Thierry Amar
Efrim Menuck
Radwan Moumneh
Guy Picciotto
sound engineer:Howard Bilerman
executive producer:Don Wilkie (Canadian executive)
producer:Guy Picciotto
double bass:Thierry Amar
guitar:Vic Chesnutt
Chad Jones (Canadian singer/songwrither aka Frankie Sparo)
Guy Picciotto
guitar and keyboard:Efrim Menuck
keyboard and membranophone:David Payant
organ and piano:Nadia Moss
violin:Jessica Moss
vocals:Vic Chesnutt
Efrim Menuck
Jessica Moss
Nadia Moss
David Payant
arranger:Guy Picciotto
ASIN:US: B002I8QYE8 [info]