Track B1 « Armé d’amour » has been re-recorded in 1973. It is this second version that is found on most of the re-releases of « Sœur âme »

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Sœur âme 2:47
A2 La Neige 4:38
A3 Un grain de folie 2:23
A4 C’est Eddy 2:57
A5 Le Cycle amen 3:36
A6 C’est ça la vie 2:10
B1 Armé d’amour 3:40
B2 Mater 3:10
B3 Maudit 1:58
B4 À Musset 2:39
B5 La Décharge 2:58
B6 Petit homme, c’est l’heur’ de fair’ dodo 2 2:45


12" Vinyl 1

Slide Hampton (track A1)
Eddy Louiss (tracks A4–A5)
Robert Schumann (German classical composer) (track B1)
Maurice Vander (jazz musician and conductor, not the lyricist) (tracks A2, A6, B2–B4)
Jean-Claude Vannier (tracks A3, B1)
Michel Legrand (track B5)
Claude Nougaro (track B1)
Michel Legrand (track B5)
Claude Nougaro (tracks A1–B5)
Paul Ganne (track B6)
Louis Houzeau (track B6)
Claude Nougaro (1971) (tracks A1–B6)
Al Hoffman (track B6)
Maurice Sigler (track B6)
Mabel Wayne (track B6)
is based on:
Sister Salvation (track A1)
recording of:
Armé d’amour (1971) (track B1)
C’est Eddy (1971) (track A4)
C’est ça la vie (1971) (track A6)
La Décharge (1971) (track B5)
La Neige (1971) (track A2)
Le Cycle amen (1971) (track A5)
Mater (1971) (track B2)
Maudit (1971) (track B3)
Petit homme , c’est l’heur’ de fair’ dodo (Little Man You’ve Had a Busy Day) (1971) (track B6)
Sœur âme (1971) (track A1)
Un grain de folie (1971) (track A3)
À Musset (1971) (track B4)
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