CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Concerto in F: I. Allegro
George Gershwin 13:45
2 Concerto in F: II. Andante con moto
George Gershwin 12:28
3 Concerto in F: III. Allegro agitato
George Gershwin 7:03
4 Lullaby for String Orchestra
George Gershwin 8:32
5 Cuban Overture
George Gershwin 10:32
6 Second Rhapsody
George Gershwin 14:51
7 Promenade
George Gershwin 3:10
CD 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Rhapsody in Blue
George Gershwin 18:04
2 "I Got Rhythm" Variations
George Gershwin 9:01
3 Catfish Row (Suite from "Porgy and Bess"): I. Introduction - Act 1, Scene 1
George Gershwin 6:10
4 Catfish Row (Suite from "Porgy and Bess"): II. Porgy Sings
George Gershwin 5:18
5 Catfish Row (Suite from "Porgy and Bess"): III. Fugue
George Gershwin 1:59
6 Catfish Row (Suite from "Porgy and Bess"): IV. Hurricane - Act 2, Scene 3
George Gershwin 4:10
7 Catfish Row (Suite from "Porgy and Bess"): V. Good Mornin', Brother - Act 3, Scene 3
George Gershwin 7:44
8 An American in Paris
George Gershwin 17:53


CD 1

George Gershwin (composer) (1919) (track 4)
George Gershwin (composer) (1925) (tracks 1–3)
George Gershwin (composer) (1931) (track 6)
George Gershwin (composer) (1932-07 – 1932-08) (track 5)
George Gershwin (composer) (1937) (track 7)
Leonard Slatkin (conductor) (tracks 1–7)
solo clarinet:
George Silfies (track 7)
solo violin:
John Korman (track 5)
solo cello:
Yuan Tung (track 5)
solo trumpet:
Susan Slaughter (track 2)
solo piano:
Jeffrey Siegel (tracks 1–3, 6)
Chappell Music Ltd. (tracks 1–3)
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996) (track 6)
Promenade (for clarinet and orchestra) (Gershwin, arr. Berkowitz) (track 7)
Walkin' the Dog (solo piano arrangement) (track 7)
orchestration of:
Lullaby (for string quartet) (track 4)
part of:
An American in Paris (2015 Broadway musical) (tracks 1, 5–6)
Shall We Dance (1937 film soundtrack) (track 7)
recording of:
Cuban Overture (track 5)
Lullaby (for string orchestra) (track 4)
Promenade (Walking the Dog) (track 7)

CD 2

George Gershwin (composer) (1924) (track 1)
George Gershwin (composer) (1928) (track 8)
George Gershwin (composer) (1933 – 1934) (track 2)
George Gershwin (composer) (1936) (tracks 3–7)
Leonard Slatkin (conductor) (tracks 1–8)
dedicated to:
Ira Gershwin (track 2)
Ferde Grofé (pianist, arranger, conductor and composer) (1942) (track 1)
solo banjo:
David Mortland (banjo player) (track 6)
solo piano:
Barbara Lieberman (pianist) (track 3)
Jeffrey Siegel (tracks 1–2)
Chappell Music Ltd. (tracks 1–2, 8)
Ferde Grofé Music Publishing (New York) (track 1)
Warner Bros. Music (publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track 1)
premiered at:
Carnegie Hall in New York, New York, United States (1928-12-13) (track 8)
An American in Paris (for two pianos) (track 8)
An American in Paris (transcription for solo piano by William Daly) (track 8)
An American in Paris (catch-all for arrangements) (track 8)
Rhapsody in Blue (arr. Dokshitser for trumpet and orchestra) (track 1)
Rhapsody in Blue (Glenn Miller arrangement) (track 1)
Rhapsody in Blue (catch-all for arrangements) (track 1)
Rhapsody in Blue (transcription for solo piano by Gershwin) (track 1)
Rhapsody in Blue (arr. Carlos Barbosa-Lima) (track 1)
Variations on "I Got Rhythm" for Piano and Orchestra (catch-all for arrangements) (track 2)
has revision:
An American in Paris (revised by F. Campbell-Watson) (track 8)
is based on:
I Got Rhythm (track 2)
is the basis for:
Blue (track 1)
Porgy and Bess Suite: Catfish Row (for brass; arr. Alan Fernie) (track 4)
What Happened (Sublime) (track 1)
part of:
An American in Paris (2015 Broadway musical) (track 8)
Catfish Row (Suite from Porgy and Bess) (tracks 3–7)
recording of:
Rhapsody in Blue (standard 1942 orchestration) (track 1)
referred to in medleys:
Hooked on America (tracks 1, 8)
revision of:
Rhapsody in Blue (original jazz band version, less often performed) (track 1)