The covers project is taking longer than expected because we are lazy. Here is a special cover to tide you over. I say it is special because it is possibly my favorite song of all time, and was written by one of my favorite people, Aaron. He wrote it for his wife. I hope I did it justice because this song is very very very very up there. I have so much respect for Liars its scary.

The above photo of Aaron was taken by Lockett when we were all in Europe together.

If you want to know exactly how sweet Aaron is.. check out this email he sent with the alternate guitar tuning...

"Here's the tuning and string gauges from lowest to highest:

D - F- F(same F as the one above...drones) - C - B - B(octave higherthan the previous B)

The D is one note lower than your average E and is the same kind of D that sounds all grunge. The F's should be the same as the 3rd fret on the low D....the C should be the same as the 7th fret on the F's....the next B should make the C on the 1st fret...and the high B should be made on the 12th fret of the 2nd string....hope that helps.


52 32 32 24w 32 16

You don't have to use the exact same...but some of the strings are tuned so low that a thicker strings may help....."

I did not actually use any guitars for this version. its all midi. hope you like.

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