Numbered gatefold cover

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Somewhere Only We Know
4.7 3:58
A2 Bend and Break
3.65 3:40
A3 We Might as Well Be Strangers
3.2 3:12
A4 Everybody's Changing
4.15 3:36
A5 Your Eyes Open
3.6 3:23
A6 She Has No Time
3 5:46
B1 Can't Stop Now
3 3:39
B2 Sunshine
3 4:13
B3 This Is the Last Time
3.55 3:29
B4 On a Day Like Today
3 5:27
B5 Untitled 1
3.2 5:36
B6 Bedshaped
3.85 4:38


12" Vinyl 1

assistant mixer:
Rob Haggett (tracks A1–B6)
David Treahern (tracks A1–B6)
Andy Green (tracks A1–B6)
Mark “Spike” Stent (producer, engineer) (tracks A1–B6)
Keane (tracks A1–B6)
James Sanger (tracks A6, B2–B3, B6)
Andy Green (tracks A1–B6)
Keane (tracks A6, B2–B3, B6)
James Sanger (tracks A6, B2–B3, B6)
Tom Chaplin (tracks A1–B6)
Richard Hughes (Keane member) (tracks A1–B6)
Tim Rice‐Oxley (tracks A1–B6)
James Sanger (tracks A6, B2–B3, B6)
phonographic copyright by:
Universal Island Records Ltd. (not for release label use! UK record company) (2004) (tracks A2, B4)
BMG Music Publishing Ltd. (tracks A1–B3, B5–B6)
Chrysalis Music Ltd. (music publisher) (tracks A6, B2–B3, B6)
recorded at:
Helioscentric Studios in East Sussex, England, United Kingdom (tracks A1–B3, B5–B6)
has remixes:
Bedshaped (5.1 mix) by Keane (track B6)
Sunshine (5.1 mix) by Keane (track B2)
Untitled 1 (5.1 mix) by Keane (track B5)
later translated versions:
Così (track B6)
recording of:
Bedshaped (track B6)
Bend and Break (track A2)
Can't Stop Now (track B1)
On a Day Like Today (track B4)
She Has No Time (track A6)
Sunshine (track B2)
Untitled 1 (track B5)
Your Eyes Open (track A5)


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