The Ultimate Adventure

~ Release by Chick Corea (see all versions of this release, 1 available)


CD 1
1Three Ghouls, Part 11:39
2Three Ghouls, Part 24:02
3Three Ghouls, Part 33:11
4City of Brass6:39
5Queen Tedmur5:15
6El Stephen, Part 16:39
7El Stephen, Part 21:47
8King & Queen6:06
9Moseb the Executioner, Part 11:40
10Moseb the Executioner, Part 22:20
11Moseb the Executioner, Part 31:54
12North Africa6:24
13Flight From Karoof, Part 16:12
14Flight From Karoof, Part 21:36
15Planes of Existence, Part 15:26
16Arabian Nights, Part 14:31
17Arabian Nights, Part 22:39
18Gods & Devils2:15
19Planes of Existence, Part 22:52