12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Welcome to the Future
Eskimos & Egypt 4:58
A2 The Mayday Anthem
WestBam 5 5:38
A3 El Ritmo Barbaro
Ramirez 5:49
A4 Phantom of the Opera
Harajuku 6:29
A5 Papua New Guinea
The Future Sound of London 5:02
B1 Workaholic
2 Unlimited 5:10
B2 What is.. ? Fick Dich
Friends Of Alex 5:07
B3 Hyperspace (E-tune for X)
Fazer 5:14
B4 Mann ist der dick...
Dicknity 5:42
B5 Stella
Jam & Spoon 6:21
12" Vinyl 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
C1 Dildo
Interactive 5:50
C2 Immer Wenn Er Pillen Nahm
Out of the Ordinary 7:18
C3 The Man With the Guitar
Roktron 4:54
C4 Open Your Ears
Dark A.T.8 8:43
D1 Wo Ist Pippi? (Spunk remix)
Hr. Nielsson & Der kleine Onkel 6:07
D2 Heute Ist ein Guter Tag zu Sterben
Near Dark 8:46
D3 Anybody Out There?
Federal Base 5:45
D4 O Sole Mio-Operatic
Operatix 5:56


12" Vinyl 1

additional lyricist:
Mike Batt (track A4)
Jam & Spoon (track B5)
Andrew Lloyd Webber (English composer and impresario of musical theatre) (track A4)
Jam El Mar (track B5)
Mark Spoon (track B5)
Charles Hart (British lyricist) (track A4)
Richard Stilgoe (track A4)
Marusha (track A2)
Rolf Ellmer (track B5)
Jam & Spoon (track B5)
Markus Löffel (track B5)
Jam El Mar (track B5)
Mark Spoon (track B5)
L. De Cock (track B1)
R. L. Slijngaard (track B1)
P. Sterman (Composer of Adya) (track B1)
P. Wilde (track B1)
MCA Music (not for release label use! this is a music publisher) (track B1)
cover recording of:
The Phantom of the Opera (Christine, The Phantom) (track A4)
later translated versions:
later versions:
Spoka dziesma (track A4)
part of:
The Phantom of the Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber musical) (track A4)
recording of:
Stella (track B5)
Workaholic (track B1)
referred to in medleys:
The Phantom of the Opera (arr. Sweeney for wind band) (track A4)

12" Vinyl 2

Marc Innocent (track C1)
Jens Lissat (track C1)
Ramon Zenker (track C1)
Plisch & Plum (track D1)
recording of:
Dildo (track C1)

Release Group

part of: Techno Trax (ZYX) (number: 5)
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