12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Living a Lie
Yellow 3:54
A2 Hold On
Les Fleur de Lys 3:09
A3 Prodigal Son
Eyes of Blue 5:26
A4 Here We Go Round the Lemon Tree
Jason Crest 3:00
A5 Lamp Lighter Man
Rick Price & Sheridan 2:52
A6 Tumblin'
Jigsaw 3:33
A7 On Love
Skip Bifferty 2:38
A8 High in the Tower of Coombe
Methuselah 3:18
B1 Upside Down
Norman Conquest 2:40
B2 A Place in the Sun
Jason Crest 3:22
B3 The Madman Running Through the Fields
Dantalian's Chariot 4:08
B4 Daughter of the Moon
Les Fleur de Lys 3:48
B5 Days When We Are Free
Mashmakhan 3:05
B6 Children of Tomorrow
Mike Stuart Span 3:14
B7 I'm Flying
Serendipity 2:24
B8 The World Will End Yesterday
Second Hand 3:46


12" Vinyl 1

Clive Scott (track A6)
Clive Scott (track A6)
recording of:
Tumblin' (track A6)

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part of:Rubble (number: 8)
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