CD 1
1Variations on Scarborough Fair
Colin Touchin
recording of:
Variations on Scarborough Fair
Paul Clark (classical composer/arranger)
Paul Clark5:58
2ChaconiettaWalter Bergmann5:24
3The Page Nine Variations, Op. 43Dennis Bamforth11:17
4Sinfonia Aquilonia: I. Adagio-AllegroColin Touchin4:50
5Sinfonia Aquilonia: II. Scherzo malevoleColin Touchin3:18
6Sinfonia Aquilonia: III. Adagio tristeColin Touchin4:04
7Sinfonia Aquilonia: IV. Allegro vivoColin Touchin3:17
Colin Touchin
recording of:
John Hawkes
John Hawkes11:45
9Shetland Suite, Op. 29: I. Da Merry Boys o GreenlandDennis Bamforth1:56
10Shetland Suite, Op. 29: II. In a Moarneen o MayDennis Bamforth1:56
11Shetland Suite, Op. 29: III. Boannie Tammie ScollaDennis Bamforth1:36
12Shetland Suite, Op. 29: IV. Da HominDennis Bamforth2:44
13Shetland Suite, Op. 29: V. Da New Year SangDennis Bamforth3:40
14Shetland Suite, Op. 29: VI. Unst Boat Song
Dennis Bamforth
recording of:
Shetland Suite, op. 29: VI. Unst Boat Song
Dennis Bamforth
is based on:
The Unst Boat Song (aka The Norn Boat Song / Starka Varna Vestali)
Dennis Bamforth1:37
15Shetland Suite, Op. 29: VII. Waar Sall Wir Peerie Hinnie Lie?Dennis Bamforth2:41
16Rigs, Jigs and Reels: I. Allegretto-CantabileDavid Moses4:59
17Rigs, Jigs and Reels: II. Allegro molto-Meno mossoDavid Moses3:49
18Phil the Fluter's BallWilliam Percy French4:54