Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Temptation
Heaven 17 6:53
A2 Step It Up
Stereo MCs 3:57
A3 Phorever People
The Shamen 3:43
A4 Fire
The Prodigy 3:22
A5 How Does It Feel
Electroset 3:50
A6 Way in My Brain
SL2 3:51
A7 Open Sesame
Leila K 3:25
A8 Jump Around
House of Pain 3:27
A9 Television, the Drug of the Nation
The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy 5:00
B1 I Got My Education
Uncanny Alliance 3:41
B2 Let Me Be Your Underwear
Club 69 3:08
B3 Why Don't You
Rage 5:22
B4 Funky Guitar
TC 1992 3:49
B5 Appolonia
B.M. EX 4:04
B6 Alive & Kicking
East Side Beat 4:03
B7 Boss Drum
The Shamen 3:46
B8 Run to You
Rage 3:37
B9 Broken Wings
Network 3:55
B10 We Are Raving
Slipstream 3:43


Cassette 1

Tom Frederikse (track B5)
Richard West (UK techno producer aka Mr. C) (tracks A3, B7)
Colin Angus (tracks A3, B7)
Richard West (UK techno producer aka Mr. C) (tracks A3, B7)
Colin Angus (tracks A3, B7)
The Beatmasters (British producer trio) (tracks A3, B7)
Brothers in Rhythm (track A1)
Lionrock (track B4)
Justin Robertson (track B4)
Bryan Adams (track B8)
Douglas Carr (track A7)
Glenn Gregory (track A1)
Ian Craig Marsh (track A1)
Denniz PoP (track A7)
Jim Vallance (track B8)
Martyn Ware (track A1)
Warner/Chappell Music, Ltd. (1996–present) (tracks A3, B7)
cover recording of:
Run to You (track B8)
has revision:
Boss Dub (track B7)
Phorever Dub (track A3)
recording of:
Boss Drum (track B7)
Open Sesame (track A7)
Phorever People (track A3)
Temptation (track A1)

Release Group

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