12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 La Valse à mille temps 3:49
A2 Seul 3:26
A3 La Dame patronesse 3:24
A4 Je t’aime 2:19
A5 Ne me quitte pas 3:50
A6 Je ne sais pas 2:43
B1 Les Flamandes 2:34
B2 Isabelle 3:10
B3 La Mort 2:51
B4 La Tendresse 2:36
B5 La Colombe 3:00
B6 Quand on n’a que l’amour 2:33


12" Vinyl 1

François Rauber (tracks A4, B2)
Jacques Brel (tracks A1–A3, A5–B6)
François Rauber (track A3)
François Rauber (1959-09-11) (track B4)
François Rauber (1959-09-14) (track B1)
François Rauber (1959-09-15) (tracks A2, B2, B5)
Jacques Brel (tracks A1–B6)
François Rauber et son orchestre (1959-09-11) (track B4)
Jacques Brel (tracks A6, B6)
Jacques Brel (1959-09-11) (tracks A3, A5, B4)
Jacques Brel (1959-09-14) (tracks A1, B1, B3)
Jacques Brel (1959-09-15) (tracks A2, B2, B5)
Jacques Brel (1959-09-17) (track A4)
is the basis for:
Ma Tetrikini Heik (track A5)
later translated parody versions:
Das "Sausack"-Lied (track A5)
later translated versions:
Ala vetää vaan (track A5)
Allein (track A2)
Alone (track A2)
Bitte geh nicht fort (Ne me quitte pas) (german translation: Klaus Hoffmann) (track A5)
Bitte geh’ nicht fort (Ne me quitte pas) (german translation: Max Colpet) (track A5)
Don’t Leave (track A5)
Ethän lähde pois (track A5)
Geh nicht fort von mir (german translation: Heinz Riedel) (track A5)
If You Go Away (track A5)
Isabelle (italian) (track B2)
Jos nyt menet pois (track A5)
Kuolema (track B3)
Laat me niet alleen (track A5)
Le fiamminghe (track B1)
Meikäläiset (track B1)
My Death (track B3)
Ne me quitte pas (Spanish translation) (track A5)
Ne me quitte pas (english translation: Des De Moor) (track A5)
Nie opuszczaj mnie (Ne me quitte pas) (track A5)
No em deixis, no (track A5)
No me dejes no (track A5)
Non so perché (track A6)
Não me deixes mais (track A5)
Rakastakaa (track B6)
Viimeinen valssi (track A1)
Vlamingvrou (track B1)
Yksin (track A2)
行かないで (track A5)
recording of:
Je ne sais pas (track A6)
La Dame patronnesse (1959-09-11) (track A3)
La Tendresse (Jacques Brel song) (1959-09-11) (track B4)
Ne me quitte pas (original French version) (1959-09-11) (track A5)
La Mort (1959-09-14) (track B3)
La Valse à mille temps (1959-09-14) (track A1)
Les Flamandes (1959-09-14) (track B1)
Isabelle (1959-09-15) (track B2)
La Colombe (1959-09-15) (track B5)
Seul (1959-09-15) (track A2)
Je t’aime (Jacques Brel song) (1959-09-17) (track A4)
referred to in medleys:
Francia (edit) (track A5)

Release Group

included in:Intégrale Grand Jacques by Jacques Brel
Wikidata:Q3213455 [info]
Wikipedia:en: La Valse à Mille Temps [info]