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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 R.O.D (Opening version)
Taku Iwasaki 1:35
2 R.O.D Theme (You Must Be Kidding, Miss Readman version)
Taku Iwasaki 1:55
3 R.O.D Theme (Public Pressure version)
Taku Iwasaki 1:33
4 Health and Peace
Taku Iwasaki 3:52
5 Death in the Country
Taku Iwasaki 4:44
6 Read or Die Suite (Untouched by Humans / Something Is Coming to the Town / Intellectual War)
Taku Iwasaki 5:02
7 A Feeling Is Already War
Taku Iwasaki 1:47
8 Time of Blue
Taku Iwasaki 2:06
9 Does a Sleeping Book Have Dreams of Being Republished?
Taku Iwasaki 2:56
10 The Adventure of a Bookshelf Inspector
Taku Iwasaki 2:10
11 They Occasionally Come Home
Taku Iwasaki 2:48
12 A Shadow Goes
Taku Iwasaki 6:16
13 R.O.D Theme (I Love Hong Kong version)
Taku Iwasaki 2:52
14 Let My Tears Stream,
Taku Iwasaki 2:43
15 A Buddy
Taku Iwasaki 3:27
16 R.O.D Theme (After All I Love Books version)
Taku Iwasaki 3:00
17 R.O.D
YKZ 4:32



transliterated/translated track listing of: R.O.D -THE TV- (non-CCCD re-release) by 岩崎琢
R.O.D -THE TV- by 岩崎琢
ASIN: US: B0002CHJ7I [info]
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