12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 I've Said All I Need to Say About Them Intro
Prefuse 73 3:33
A2 Hide Ya Face
Prefuse 73 feat. Ghostface & El‐P 3:13
A3 Bad Memory Interlude One
Prefuse 73 0:41
A4 Ty versus Detchibe
Prefuse 73 feat. Tyondai Braxton 3:22
A5 Expressing Views Is Obviously Illegal
Prefuse 73 3:41
B1 Pastel Assassins
Prefuse 73 feat. Claudia & Alejandra Deheza 4:26
B2 Pagina dos
Prefuse 73 feat. The Books 2:28
B3 Silence Interlude
Prefuse 73 0:56
B4 Now You're Leaving
Prefuse 73 feat. Camu 2:39
B5 Gratis
Prefuse 73 vs. Pedro 4:52
12" Vinyl 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
C1 We Go Our Own Way
Prefuse 73 feat. Kazu 3:19
C2 Mantra
Prefuse 73 feat. Tyondai Braxton 1:06
C3 Sabbatical With Options
Prefuse 73 feat. Aesop Rock 2:44
C4 It's Crowded
Prefuse 73 feat. Claudia Deheza 4:53
C5 Just the Thought
Prefuse 73 feat. Masta Killa & GZA 3:38
D1 La Correcion Exchange
Prefuse 73 feat. DJ Nobody 4:16
D2 Hide Ya Face (Reminder version)
Prefuse 73 1:34
D3 Morale Crusher
Prefuse 73 feat. Beans 1:14
D4 Minutes Away Without You
Prefuse 73 3:48
D5 Rain Edit Interlude
Prefuse 73 1:36
D6 And I'm Gone
Prefuse 73 vs. Piano Overlord vs. Broadcast vs. Cafe Tacuba 2:55


12" Vinyl 1

guest performer:
The Books (American duo, formed in New York City in 1999) (track B2)
Tyondai Braxton (track A4)

12" Vinyl 2

guest lead vocals:
Kazu Makino (track C1)
guest performer:
Nobody (Elvin Estela) (track D1)
Aesop Rock (track C3)
Beans (US rapper, member of Antipop Consortium) (track D3)
Tyondai Braxton (track C2)
Trish Keenan (track D6)