Cassette 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Some Day At Christmas
A2 White Christmas
A3 Without You
A4 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
B1 Say Love Me
B2 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
B3 Silent Night, Holy Night
B4 Long Distance To The Heaven (Instrumental version for the short story)


Cassette 1

大谷和夫 (tracks A1–B4)
Tommie Connor (track A4)
Hugh Martin (track B2)
北山瑞穂 (tracks A3, B1, B4)
Franz Xaver Gruber (1818) (track B3)
Irving Berlin (1938 – 1940) (track A2)
Tommie Connor (track A4)
北山瑞穂 (tracks A3, B1, B4)
Ralph Blane (track B2)
Josef Mohr (1816) (track B3)
Irving Berlin (1938 – 1940) (track A2)
John Freeman Young (1859) (track B3)
Ron Miller (Motown songwriter Ronald Norman Miller) (track A1)
Bryan Wells (track A1)
phonographic copyright by:
キングレコード株式会社 (record company, logo "KING RECORDS" sometimes underlined - only use if there is no other label) (1990) (track A3)
Copyright Control (not for release label use! this is only for copyrights and publishing relationships) (track A2)
Herman Music, Inc. (track A4)
Jewel Music Publishing Co., Inc. (publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track A4)
Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. (1996–present) (track A2)
Irving Berlin Music Company (1940 –) (track A2)
edit of:
White Christmas (2015 remaster) by 中山美穂 (track A2)
Without You (2015 remaster) by 中山美穂 (track A3)
karaoke versions:
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (arr. Peter Knight) (track B2)
Silent Night (arr. Rose) (track B3)
Silent Night (arr. Aly and AJ) (track B3)
Silent Night (Damien Rice song) (track B3)
Silent Night (arr. Rutter) (track B3)
Silent Night (arr. Johnson, orch. Volpi) (track B3)
Silent Night (arr. Stephen Cleobury) (track B3)
Silent Night, Holy Night (arranged by Malcolm Sargent) (track B3)
cover recording of:
Silent Night (track B3)
White Christmas (track A2)
has revision:
instrumental recording of:
is the basis for:
Holy Night (track B3)
later parody versions:
Silent Night (Aqua Teen Hunger Force version) (track B3)
Silent Night (track B3)
later translated versions:
Noël blanc (track A2)
Rap jul (track A2)
Valkea joulu (track A2)
Weiße Weihnacht (track A2)
ホワイトクリスマス (Tomoko Nakayama’s translation) (track A2)
later versions:
Silent Night (Elvis Presley version) (track B3)
Silent Night (Lindner version) (track B3)
part of:
Meet Me in St. Louis (1944 film) (track B2)
recording of:
Say Love Me (track B1)
Without You (track A3)
referred to in medleys:
Holiday Cheer (track B2)
Mix 4 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (track A2)
Megamix 2 (It Must Be Christmas) (track B3)
Mix 2 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (track A4)
Medley (Christmas with Frank Ferrari) (track A2)
Mix 3 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (tracks B2–B3)
Noëls pour cordes (track B3)
translated version of:


phonographic copyright by:キングレコード株式会社 (record company, logo "KING RECORDS" sometimes underlined - only use if there is no other label) (1989)

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