Label: Beyongolia, a division of Mr. Bongo Worldwide, Ltd.

Different tracklist to the US version.

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Military Cut (Scratch mix) (feat. Kevie Kev Rockwell)
Grand Wizard Theodore 2:19
2 MC Battle (feat. Grand Wizard Theodore)
Busy Bee vs. Rodney Cee 3:35
3 Basketball Throwdown
Cold Crush Brothers vs. Fantastic Freaks 1:18
4 Fantastic Freaks at The Dixie
Fantastic Freaks 6:25
5 Subway Theme
Grand Wizard Theodore 2:52
6 Cold Crush Brothers at The Dixie
Cold Crush Brothers 5:43
7 Busy Bee's Limo Rap (feat. Lisa Lee)
Busy Bee 1:03
8 Cuckoo Clocking
Fab 5 Freddy 1:12
9 Stoop Rap
Double Trouble 1:19
10 Double Trouble at The Amphitheatre (feat. DJ Stevie Steve)
Double Trouble 7:59
11 South Bronx Subway Rap (original version) (feat. Charlie Chase)
Grandmaster Caz 2:23
12 Street Rap
Busy Bee 0:44
13 Busy Bee at The Amphitheatre (feat. DJ AJ)
Busy Bee 2:16
14 Fantastic Freaks at The Amphitheatre
Fantastic Freaks 1:54
15 Gangbusters (feat. Kevie Kev Rockwell)
Grand Wizard Theodore 1:20
16 Rammellzee & Shockdell at The Amphitheatre (feat. Grandmixer D. ST.)
Rammellzee & Shockdell 3:50
17 Down by Law
Fab 5 Freddy 1:09


CD 1

guest turntable(s):
D.ST (US hip hop/electro DJ Derek Howells/Showard) (track 16)
sampled by:
Book of Life by Common Sense (track 9)
The Number Song by DJ Shadow (track 4)
Waiting for Bud by Sublime (track 3)