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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Help!
4.5 2:21
A2 The Night Before
A3 You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
A4 I Need You
A5 Another Girl
A6 You’re Going to Lose That Girl
A7 Ticket to Ride
5 3:13
B1 Act Naturally
B2 It’s Only Love
B3 You Like Me Too Much
1 2:39
B4 Tell Me What You See
B5 I’ve Just Seen a Face
3 2:07
B6 Yesterday
B7 Dizzy Miss Lizzy


12" Vinyl 1

acoustic guitar:
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks A3–A4)
Paul McCartney (tracks B5–B6)
Ringo Starr (track A4)
acoustic guitar [rhythm guitar]:
John Lennon (Beatle) (tracks A6, B1, B3, B5)
Tony Gilbert (violinist) (track B6)
Sidney Sax (violinist) (track B6)
electric bass guitar:
Paul McCartney (tracks A1–B4, B7)
Francisco Gabarro (track B6)
Hammond organ:
John Lennon (Beatle) (track B7)
drums (drum set):
Ringo Starr (tracks A1–A2, A5–B5, B7)
Ringo Starr (tracks A4, B7)
Kenneth Essex (violist) (track B6)
John Lennon (Beatle) (tracks B3–B4)
Ringo Starr (tracks A1, A3, A7, B2)
Ringo Starr (track B4)
John Scott (film composer) (track A3)
Paul McCartney (track A3)
Ringo Starr (tracks A2, B5)
string quartet arranger:
George Martin (track B6)
electric piano:
John Lennon (Beatle) (track B3)
Paul McCartney (tracks B4, B7)
electric piano [Hohner Pianet N]:
John Lennon (Beatle) (track A2)
electric guitar [lead guitar]:
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks A1–A2, A6, B1–B3, B7)
Paul McCartney (tracks A2, A5, A7)
electric guitar [rhythm guitar]:
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks A2, A5, A7)
John Lennon (Beatle) (tracks A5, A7, B4, B7)
snare drum:
John Lennon (Beatle) (track A4)
Ringo Starr (track A3)
Ringo Starr (track A6)
George Martin (track B3)
Paul McCartney (tracks A6, B3)
Ringo Starr (track A7)
12 string guitar:
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks A4, B2)
John Lennon (Beatle) (tracks A3, B2)
12 string guitar [lead guitar]:
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks A7, B5)
12 string guitar [rhythm guitar]:
John Lennon (Beatle) (track A1)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track B4)
additional engineer:
Phil McDonald (engineer and producer) (tracks A1, B1–B2, B5–B6)
Ken Scott (UK record producer & engineer) (tracks A1–A7, B3–B4, B7)
background vocals:
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks A1–A2, A5–A6)
John Lennon (Beatle) (tracks A2, A4–A5)
Paul McCartney (tracks A1, A4, A6–B1, B3)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track A4)
Larry Williams (50's rocker) (track B7)
Norman Smith (UK producer/engineer, performer as Hurricane Smith) (tracks A1–B7)
lead vocals:
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks A4, B3)
John Lennon (Beatle) (tracks A1, A3, A6–A7, B2, B4, B7)
Paul McCartney (tracks A2, A5, B4–B6)
Ringo Starr (track B1)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track A4)
Larry Williams (50's rocker) (track B7)
George Martin (tracks A1–B7)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track B3)
John Lennon (Beatle) (tracks A1–A3, A5–A7, B2, B4–B6)
Paul McCartney (tracks A1–A3, A5–A7, B2, B4–B6)
Voni Morrison (track B1)
Johnny Russell (US country singer, songwriter and comedian) (track B1)
Arc Music (U.S. rock & blues publisher) (track B7)
Lark Music Ltd. (track B1)
Maclen Music Ltd. (track A7)
Maclen Music, Inc. (track A7)
Northern Songs (track A7)
Northern Songs Ltd. (track B6)
Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC (tracks A1–A7, B2–B7)
Sony/ATV Tunes LLC (tracks A4–A5)
Maclen Music Ltd. (1965 –) (track B6)
additionally recorded at:
mixed at:
Abbey Road Studios: Studio 2 in St John's Wood, Westminster, London, England, United Kingdom (1965-02-18) (tracks A2, A4–A5, A7, B3)
recorded at:
Abbey Road Studios: Studio 2 in St John's Wood, Westminster, London, England, United Kingdom (1965-02-15 – 1965-02-16) (tracks A4–A5)
has remixes:
Help! (Love version) by The Beatles (track A1)
Ticket to Ride (1965 Capitol mock stereo remix) by The Beatles (track A7)
12 Songs: Yesterday (track B6)
cover recording of:
Act Naturally (track B1)
Dizzy Miss Lizzy (track B7)
is the basis for:
later parody versions:
Addicted to Christ (track A7)
DNA (track B6)
Hell! (track A1)
Scrambled Eggs (track B6)
Yes Today (track B6)
’elp (track A1)
later translated parody versions:
Hep! (track A1)
later translated versions:
Agid! (Help!) (track A1)
Ayer (track B6)
Blosndee (track B6)
Ddoe Mor Bell (track B6)
Dyddiau Fu (track B6)
Eilinen (track B6)
Gestern noch (Yesterday) (track B6)
Help (Español) (track A1)
Help! (Finnish) (track A1)
Ieri a lei (track B6)
Je croyais (track B6)
Komm (track A1)
Matkalippu (track A7)
So soll es immer sein (You’re Going to Lose That Girl) (track A6)
Vakardiena (Latvian version of "Yesterday") (track B6)
later versions:
recording of:
Another Girl (track A5)
Help! (track A1)
I Need You (track A4)
It’s Only Love (track B2)
The Night Before (track A2)
Ticket to Ride (track A7)
Yesterday (track B6)
referred to in medleys:
Beatles Medley (Stars on 45) (tracks A6–A7)
The Beatles Concerto: 1st Movement: Maestoso - Allegro moderato (She Loves You / Eleanor Rigby / Yesterday / All My Loving / Hey Jude) (track B6)
The Beatles’ Movie Medley (tracks A3, A7)
The Music of The Beatles (tracks A7, A7, B6)
Stars on 45 (Beatles Medley 7″ Mix) (track A6)
Stars on 45 (12″ single) (track A6)


producer:George Martin
photography:Robert Freeman
remastered versions:The Beatles in Mono
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