The short inlay has a German, French and English section.

"Spars" Code: DD

From the back-cover: "Because DMP recordings are mixed during the performance, the additional post production step of mixing has been eliminated, bringing the listener that much closer to the music. Therefore, the standard "DDD" Spars Code does not apply.

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 White Wine
The Dolphins 4:42
2 Over Easy
Bob's Diner 4:55
3 Ain't Life Grand
Warren Bernhardt Trio 4:39
4 Gravity
Chuck Loeb 6:20
5 Maybe
Chuck Loeb & Andy LaVerne 7:05
6 The Great Divide
Garry Dial & Dick Oatts 6:47
7 Tease for Two
Bill Mays & Ray Drummond 3:36
8 Since I Met You
Thom Rotella 4:58
9 Jazz Patrol
Flim & the BB's 5:21
10 Dig This Samba
Manfredo Fest 4:02