Critical Notice aims to bring to a wider audience the music of some of the UK’s finest young composers, in performances by their most committed champions. More than 70 recordings, made over the last two years, provide a rich mix of styles and media. Taken together, they present both a portrait in sound of a talented generation and a snapshot of new music at the beginning of the 21st century.
All the composers represented on this site are founder members of New Voices, a scheme created by the British Music Information Centre (Bmic) to promote and distribute the music of emerging composers. For the most part, these composers are not represented in the catalogues of commercial publishers or recording companies. Many of the performers will be familiar to audiences as amongst the UK’s leading exponents of new music and, in particular, those composers featured on New Voices. Several of the ensembles (IXION, rout, New Music Players) are themselves led by New Voices members.

Critical Notice has been made possible with funding from Arts Council England, The Foyle Foundation and the RVW Trust and is a Bmic project, made in collaboration with Unknown Public.

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Wallis
Richard Ayres 6:02
2 Mostly Bach
Andrew Toovey 2:37
3 ... into a several world (extract)
John Webb 4:18
4 Angelus
Richard Baker 5:41
5 Ardent
Graham Fitkin 14:35
6 Regenstimmen
Martyn Harry 7:27
7 Magenta Cuts: Part IV
Luke Stoneham 2:10
8 Light Cuts Through Dark Skies: Part III
Ed Hughes 2:48
9 Isle Remix
Evelyn Ficarra 7:09
10 Visions of a Floating World
Joe Cutler 13:11
11 Riis
Laurence Crane 10:15


CD 1

Andrew Sparling (2004-03) (track 11)
Matthew Forbes (track 3)
Anton Lukoszevieze (2004-03) (track 11)
electronic organ:
Sarah Walker (British broadcaster) (2004-03) (track 11)
Stephen Gutman (tracks 2, 7)
Ian Watson (accordionist) (track 3)
Catherine Beynon (track 6)
Evelyn Ficarra (track 9)
Luke Stoneham (track 7)
John Webb (UK classical composer) (track 3)
Joe Cutler (1991) (track 10)
Graham Fitkin (1993) (track 5)
Laurence Crane (1996) (track 11)
Martyn Harry (composer) (1998 – 1999) (track 6)
Ed Hughes (2001) (track 8)
Richard Ayres (2003) (track 1)
Andrew Toovey (2003) (track 2)
Richard Baker (UK composer) (2004) (track 4)
Apartment House (track 1)
Chroma (chamber ensemble) (track 5)
Ensemble Exposé (track 10)
recorded at:
St. Silas the Martyr (Kentish Town) in London, England, United Kingdom (2004-03) (track 11)
was commissioned by:
part of:
No. 34b (track 1)
Magenta Cuts (track 7)
partial recording of:
recording of:
Angelus (track 4)
Ardent (track 5)
Isle Remix (track 9)
Magenta Cuts: IV. (track 7)
Mostly Bach (track 2)
Regenstimmen (track 6)
Riis (2004-03) (track 11)