Label: GNP Crescendo Records - Cat#: GNPD 8029

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Mission: Impossible: Main Title
Lalo Schifrin 0:51
2 Suite From "The Contender": The Plot
Lalo Schifrin 0:52
3 Suite From "The Contender": Ready
Lalo Schifrin 3:13
4 Suite From "The Contender": Rollin
Lalo Schifrin 0:45
5 Suite From "The Contender": Time
Lalo Schifrin 0:47
6 Suite From "The Contender": Sleeping Phelps
Lalo Schifrin 1:12
7 Suite From "Submarine": More Plot
Lalo Schifrin 2:41
8 Suite From "Submarine": Mission: Impossible Theme
Lalo Schifrin 1:12
9 Suite From "The Killer": Bower Hotel
Lalo Schifrin 1:58
10 Suite From "The Killer": Check Out Time
Lalo Schifrin 2:48
11 Suite From "The Killer": The Trick
Lalo Schifrin 2:16
12 Suite From "Takeover": Signal Light
Lalo Schifrin 0:42
13 Suite From "Takeover": Kate Thomas
Lalo Schifrin 1:30
14 Suite From "Underground": Tape Machine
Lalo Schifrin 3:19
15 Suite From "Underground": Good Job
Lalo Schifrin 0:49
16 Mission: Impossible: End Credit
Lalo Schifrin 0:31
17 Mission: Impossible '88: Main Title
John Davis 1:03
18 Suite From "The Plague": Tricky Ears
John Davis 0:38
19 Suite From "The Plague": This Is the Chase
John Davis 2:41
20 Suite From "The Bayou": Croc Bait
John Davis 1:46
21 Suite From "The Bayou": Not Worth It
John Davis 3:39
22 Suite From "The Cattle King": Nice Boat
John Davis 1:00
23 Suite From "The Cattle King": Bait the Hook
John Davis 1:50
24 Suite From "The Cattle King": Hot Time
John Davis 0:45
25 Suite From "The Cattle King": I Guess It Is
John Davis 1:16
26 Suite From "The Cattle King": Freak Time
John Davis 1:35
27 Suite From "The Cattle King": Whacko Time
John Davis 1:42
28 Suite From "Deadly Harvest": Melt Down
John Davis 2:00
29 Suite From "Deadly Harvest": Framed
John Davis 2:06
30 Suite From "Church Bells in Bogota": Coffee
John Davis 1:17
31 Suite From "Church Bells in Bogota": Ring Around the Finger
John Davis 1:18
32 Suite From "Church Bells in Bogota": Mission: Impossible '88 End Credit
John Davis 0:37
33 An Interview With Peter Graves
Peter Graves 14:58
34 Mission: Impossible Theme (live)
Lalo Schifrin 6:08


CD 1

Lalo Schifrin (track 34)
Lalo Schifrin (track 34)
other vocals:
Neil Norman (track 33)
Famous Music (renamed since 2007-05 as Sony/ATV Harmony/Melody) (track 34)
has revision:
Mission: Impossible theme (Danny Elfman version) (track 34)
is the basis for:
Mission: Impossible Theme (Mission: Impossible 2) (track 34)
live recording of:
Mission: Impossible (track 34)


executive producer: Neil Norman
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