CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 The Love That He Gave Us
Michael Mellot 4:42
2 As Long As Our Hearts Are In It
The Katinas 4:21
3 That's What I'm Here For
Michael Mellot 4:47
4 My Heart
The Katinas 5:01
5 I Will Be Here
Scat Springs 4:30
6 Forever My Love
Tabitha Fair 4:51
7 Prayer Of Love
The Katinas 4:37
8 It Takes Three
Scat Springs 4:52
9 Love And Devotion
Michael Mellot 4:48
10 Sail Away My Heart
Tabitha Fair 5:25



acoustic guitar: Dave Cleveland
drums (drum set): David Huff (drummer)
bass guitar: Larry Hall (production music)
keyboard: Larry Hall (production music)
saxophone: Mark Douthit
horn: Vinnie Ciecielski
art direction: Robert Beeson
Scott Hughes (Graphic Designer)
assistant audio engineer: Eric Elwell
audio engineer: David Huff (drummer)
background vocals: Lisa Bevil
Central Station
Johnny Douglas (composer, producer, drummer)
Tabitha Fair
David Huff (drummer)
The Katinas
Michael Mellot
Scat Springs
executive producer: Robert Beeson
mastering: Ken Love (mastering engineer)
mixer: Eric Elwell
David Huff (drummer)
producer: David Huff (drummer)
mastered at: Master Mix in Nashville, Tennessee, United States
recorded at: Dobb's Palace in Franklin, Tennessee, United States