12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Overture
Orch. ?:??
A2 I Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight
R. Burton ?:??
A3 The Simple Joys of Maidenhood
J. Andrews ?:??
A4 Camelot
R. Burton ?:??
A5 Follow Me
M. S. Berry ?:??
A6 The Lusty Month of May
J. Andrews, Ens. ?:??
A7 C’est moi
R. Goulet ?:??
A8 Then You May Take Me to the Fair
J. Andrews, Knights ?:??
A9 How to Handle a Woman
R. Burton ?:??
B1 If Ever I Would Leave You
R. Goulet ?:??
B2 Parade
Orchestra ?:??
B3 Before I Gaze at You Again
J. Andrews ?:??
B4 The Seven Deadly Virtues
R. McDowall ?:??
B5 What Do the Simple Folks Do
J. Andrews, R. Burton ?:??
B6 Fie on Goodness!
Knights ?:??
B7 I Loved You Once in Silence
J. Andrews ?:??
B8 Guenevere
Ensemble ?:??
B9 Camelot (reprise)
R. Burton ?:??