Contrary to the back cover, the liner notes contain the full titles of the following tracks:

  1. "Perfect Government" is "A Perfect Government"
  2. "Jeff Wears Birkenstocks" is "Jeff Wears Birkenstocks?"
  3. "Punk Guy" is "Punk Guy ('cause He Does Punk Things)"
  4. "Happy Guy" is "The Happy Guy".

It is debatable as to which are more correct, due to popular usage of the shorter titles (because people don't look at their liner notes enough :P ).

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Linoleum
4.5 2:10
A2 Leave It Alone
4.35 2:04
A3 Dig
3.5 2:16
A4 The Cause
3.5 1:38
A5 Don’t Call Me White
4.5 2:33
A6 My Heart Is Yearning
3.5 2:24
A7 Perfect Government
3.35 2:06
A8 The Brews
3 2:41
B1 The Quass
4 1:18
B2 Dying Degree
3.5 1:51
B3 Fleas
3 1:48
B4 Lori Meyers
4 2:21
B5 Jeff Wears Birkenstocks
3 1:27
B6 Punk Guy
3.5 1:09
B7 Happy Guy
3 1:59
B8 Reeko
3 3:05
B9 Scavenger Type
3.5 7:13


12" Vinyl 1

Chris Dowd (track A3)
assistant engineer:
Steve Kravic (tracks A1–B9)
assistant mixer:
Steve Kravic (tracks A1–B9)
Mark Curry (American rock musician, singer-songwriter) (track A7)
Fat Mike (tracks A1, A3–A6, A8–B9)
Ryan Greene (tracks A1–B9)
guest lead vocals:
Kim Shattuck (track B4)
Mark Curry (American rock musician, singer-songwriter) (track A7)
Fat Mike (tracks A1, A3–A6, A8–B9)
Ryan Greene (tracks A1–B9)
Fat Mike (tracks A1–B9)
Ryan Greene (tracks A1–B9)
Fat Mike (track A2)
Eric Melvin (track A2)
4 Hour Hell Music (track A7)
BMG Gold Songs (track A7)
Nofx Music (tracks A2–A4, A6, B1–B3, B5–B9)
Westbeach Music (tracks A2–A4, A6, B1–B3, B5–B9)
recorded at:
cover recording of:
Perfect Government (track A7)
recording of:
Dig (track A3)
Dying Degree (track B2)
Fleas (track B3)
Happy Guy (track B7)
Leave It Alone (track A2)
Linoleum (track A1)
Lori Meyers (track B4)
Punk Guy (track B6)
Qwassitworsh (track B1)
Reeko (track B8)
Scavenger Type (track B9)
The Brews (track A8)
The Cause (track A4)