CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Snow Maiden Suite: I. Introduction
Rimsky-Korsakov 4:27
2 Snow Maiden Suite: II. Dance of the Birds
Rimsky-Korsakov 3:05
3 Snow Maiden Suite: III. Cortège
Rimsky-Korsakov 1:39
4 Snow Maiden Suite: IV. Dance of the Clowns
Rimsky-Korsakov 3:52
5 The Golden Cockerel Suite: I. King Dodon in His Palace
Rimsky-Korsakov 8:53
6 The Golden Cockerel Suite: II. King Dodon on the Battlefield
Rimsky-Korsakov 3:56
7 The Golden Cockerel Suite: III. King Dodon with Queen Shemakha
Rimsky-Korsakov 6:40
8 The Golden Cockerel Suite: IV. Marriage Feast and Lamentable End of King Dodon
Rimsky-Korsakov 6:21
9 Mlada Suite: I. Introduction
Rimsky-Korsakov 3:19
10 Mlada Suite: II. Rèdowa
Rimsky-Korsakov 3:51
11 Mlada Suite: III. Lithuanian Dance
Rimsky-Korsakov 2:19
12 Mlada Suite: IV. Indian Dance
Rimsky-Korsakov 3:54
13 Mlada Suite: V. Cortège
Rimsky-Korsakov 5:07


CD 1

additional composer:
Максимилиан Осеевич Штейнберг (Maximilian Osseyevich Steinberg) (1913) (tracks 5–8)
Donald Johanos (conductor) (tracks 1–13)
Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra (Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra) (tracks 1–13)
part of:
Mlada Suite (track 13)
recording of:
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