CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 In Better Hands
Cindy Bullens 4:55
2 The Lights of Paris
Cindy Bullens 5:32
3 I Gotta Believe in Something
Cindy Bullens feat. Bonnie Raitt 6:09
4 Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth
Cindy Bullens feat. Bryan Adams 4:36
5 A Thousand Shades of Grey
Cindy Bullens 4:36
6 Water on the Moon
Cindy Bullens feat. Rodney Crowell 4:40
7 Boxing With God
Cindy Bullens 5:45
8 The End of Wishful Thinking
Cindy Bullens feat. Lucinda Williams 4:15
9 As Long as You Love (Scarlet Wings)
Cindy Bullens feat. Reid Bullens-Crewe 5:47
10 Better Than I’ve Ever Been
Cindy Bullens feat. Mary Ann Kennedy & Bill Lloyd 4:20


CD 1

acoustic guitar:
Cindy Bullens (American singer-songwriter) (track 10)
Hammond organ [B-3 Hammond organ]:
Steve Conn (track 10)
drums (drum set):
Greg Morrow (session drummer) (track 10)
Michael Rhodes (track 10)
electric guitar:
George Marinelli (track 10)
Greg Morrow (session drummer) (track 10)
Wurlitzer electric piano:
Steve Conn (track 10)
background vocals:
Mary Ann Kennedy (American country singer) (track 10)
Bill Lloyd (american from Foster and Lloyd) (track 10)
lead vocals:
Cindy Bullens (American singer-songwriter) (track 10)


acoustic guitar:Cindy Bullens (American singer-songwriter)
Steven Soles
electric guitar:Cindy Bullens (American singer-songwriter)
guitar [rhythm guitar]:Cindy Bullens (American singer-songwriter)
harmonica:Cindy Bullens (American singer-songwriter)
percussion:Cindy Bullens (American singer-songwriter)
synthesizer:Cindy Bullens (American singer-songwriter)
background vocals:Beth Nielsen Chapman
Rodney Crowell
Mary Ann Kennedy (American country singer)
Bill Lloyd (american from Foster and Lloyd)
Bonnie Raitt
Lucinda Williams
vocals:Cindy Bullens (American singer-songwriter)
ASIN:US: B00000K0VO [info]
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