12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Hot Property
Keith Mansfield 1:56
A2 The Rub
Alan Tew 2:28
A3 Sandworms
Davis Matthews 5:09
A4 Ode to Saint Secile
Mary Lou Williams 5:58
A5 Cosmic Sea
Mystic Moods 2:55
B1 Plummer Park
Pete Jolly 3:53
B2 Canadian Sunset
Armin Rush 3:02
B3 Tense Preparation
Nick Ingman 1:50
B4 Bass in Action No. 1
Tonio Rubio 3:33
B5 Nights Is Blues
Performance 2:55
12" Vinyl 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
C1 Rythmiques No. 8
P.A. Dahan & M. Camison 3:19
C2 Fragments of Fear
Sight & Sound 3:51
C3 Sour Soul
Pool-Pah 2:51
C4 Name of the Game
Brian Bennet 4:23
D1 Soft Wind
Orchestra Gary Pacific 2:05
D2 Lonely Jelly
The Gentle Rain 4:25
D3 Heavy Lift
The Big Group 4:12
D4 Beach Buggy
Pierre Duchamp 2:25
D5 My Love for You
Ramsey Lewis 4:58