"The End is Near" was released in 2003 at live shows *only*, and later at one independent web site. It was never released through your typical retail outlets such as Amazon, Best Buy, etc. In 2004, "The End is Here" was released, which is a two disc set. The first disc is the same as "The End is Near", with one more song added. The second disc is a live recording of their last show. It was released in all the typical retail outlets. This is just to clarify why the cover artwork for "The End is Here" shows up for this album on MB. The artwork was essentially the same, but "The End is Near" was red instead of green, and obviously the title wasn't crossed out. The name and tracklisting are correct for this album, however it is no longer available for sale anywhere that I know of. If you buy this on Amazon, you are most definitely getting the 2-disc version, "The End is Here".

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Cannonball
4 3:45
2 At Least I'm Not Like All Those Other Old Guys
4 2:09
3 So Far, So Bad
4 3:04
4 New Year's Eve
4 3:53
5 American Kryptonite
5 3:16
6 It Was Beautiful
4 2:48
7 Wizard Needs Food, Badly
4 3:13
8 Farewell to Arms
3 4:03
9 See the Flames Begin to Crawl
5 3:17
10 Anchors Away
4 3:32
11 Something Like Laughter
5 3:13
12 That's How the Story Ends
4 3:38
13 On Distant Shores
5 10:16
14 The Cross of St. Andrew


CD 1

Masaki Liu (track 2)


guitar: Masaki Liu
additional engineer: Bret Barker
Micah Ortega
Reese Roper
additional vocals: Dennis Culp
Masaki Liu
Justin McRoberts
additionally recorded by: Micah Ortega
design/illustration: Douglas TenNapel
executive producer: Frank Tate
mastering: Masaki Liu
mixer: Masaki Liu
producer: Masaki Liu
ASIN: US: B000AM50YY [info]

Release Group

Wikidata: Q7732067 [info]
Wikipedia: en: The End Is Near (Five Iron Frenzy album) [info]