1-08: Artist listed as "Mike Delgado presents The Upstairs Lounge". The Upstairs Lounge is the name of an album by Mike Delgado.
3-03: Artist incorrectly listed as "Invisible Scream" and title listed as "Invisible".
3-08: Remix title listed as "Light Mix Dub"

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CD 1: David Morales
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Dancin' With You
Bini & Martini feat. Romina Johnson 4:58
2 You're the One for Me (Hustlers Convention mix)
Preluxe feat. Clive Griffin 6:26
3 Take Control (M & S Epic Klub mix)
State of Mind 5:07
4 Turn It Up (DJ Maurizio mix)
Hustler’s Convention 6:04
5 Feel the Funk
Doug Willis 5:05
6 East West Club
East West Connection 6:06
7 Found a Cure (D'Ambrosio Classic club mix)
The Heclectic feat. Latasha P. Jordan 7:05
8 Byrd Man's Revenge
Mike Delgado 3:59
9 House Music (The Beats mix)
Eddie Amador 2:58
10 What a Feeling (Cevin's Feelin the Power mix)
The New Hippie Movement feat. Bishop 2:28
11 Where Do We Go? (Armands' Last Hustle in Paris mix) (radio edit)
Wamdue Project 4:41
12 Get on Up (club mix)
Unknowledge 5:48
13 The Day (Classic club mix)
Bobby D’Ambrosio feat. Michelle Weeks 7:18
14 Movin' In
Kerri Chandler 6:15
CD 2: Dave Seaman
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Drunk as a Monk (Rabbit in the Moon mix)
Banco de Gaia 3:46
2 Elements - The Voice
Danny Tenaglia 3:25
3 Vision Incision (Incision in the Midfield mix)
Lo Fidelity Allstars 4:10
4 Creation (dub)
Dominion 5:37
5 It's Over It's Under (Brothers in Rhythm mix)
DollsHead 9:08
6 Tonight I'm Dreaming (Amethyst's An'a Gram dub)
Fifty Fifty 5:58
7 Skydive
Freefall feat. Jan Johnston 8:04
8 Liquid Prayers (Starecase's Aquabatics mix)
Hydro 4:00
9 Theme From Wide Angle
Hybrid 6:06
10 Special (Brothers in Rhythm mix)
Garbage 8:51
11 Angels Go Bald (original mix)
Howie B 3:24
12 High Noon
DJ Shadow 2 4:00
CD 3: BT
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Ride (Space Invaders mix)
2 Phat Cunts 7:14
2 Summer's Over (Ali's club mix)
Deep Dish 5:56
3 Scream
Invisible 1:35
4 Snyper
Hybrid 4:10
5 Believer (Thursday club mix)
Silicon Valley Def Stars 1:43
6 I'm Free (William Orbit mix)
Morgan King 6:51
7 Bad Girl (BT mix)
DJ Rap 5:35
8 Coming Back (The Light's Southern Grit instrumental mix)
The Crystal Method 3:56
9 Friendly Fire
Subphonic 4:26
10 The Promethean Groove
Kaistar 7:33
11 Piledriver (The Hurricane mix)
Amoeba Assassin 5:51
12 Godspeed
BT 9:03


CD 1: David Morales

Armand van Helden (track 11)

CD 2: Dave Seaman

Josh Davis (US hip hop producer, DJ & instrumentalist) (track 12)
Jan Johnston (track 7)
Josh Davis (US hip hop producer, DJ & instrumentalist) (track 12)
Garbage (US rock band) (track 10)
recording of:
High Noon (track 12)
Special (track 10)

CD 3: BT

BT (EDM producer Brian Wayne Transeau) (track 7)


DJ-mixer:BT (EDM producer Brian Wayne Transeau)
David Morales
Dave Seaman
DJ-mixer medium 1:David Morales
DJ-mixer medium 2:Dave Seaman
DJ-mixer medium 3:BT (EDM producer Brian Wayne Transeau)
ASIN:UK: B00000GASI [info]
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