12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Crucify
4.65 4:58
A2 Girl
3 4:06
A3 Silent All These Years
3.65 4:11
A4 Precious Things
4 4:26
A5 Winter
3.35 5:41
A6 Happy Phantom
3 3:13
B1 China
3 4:59
B2 Leather
3 3:12
B3 Mother
2.5 6:59
B4 Tear in Your Hand
3 4:38
B5 Me and a Gun
3 3:44
B6 Little Earthquakes
3 6:52


12" Vinyl 1

recorded in:
Los Angeles, California, United States (1990-12) (tracks A2, A4, B4, B6)
London, England, United Kingdom (1991) (track B1)
London, England, United Kingdom (1991-08 – 1991) (track B5)
written in:
London, England, United Kingdom (1991-08) (track B5)
Rockville, Maryland, United States (1991-12) (track B4)
acoustic guitar:
Steve Caton (track A4)
Stuart Gordon (track B1)
bodhrán [Irish war drum]:
Eric Rosse (track A5)
Will Gregory (saxophonist) (track B1)
musical saw [saw]:
Jake Freeze (track B6)
strings [sampled strings]:
Tori Amos (tracks A2, B2)
strings arranger:
David Lord (British composer, engineer and producer) (track B1)
John Chamberlin (track A1)
Ed Greene (Drummer) (track A1)
Chris Hughes (Australian drummer) (track B1)
Carlo Nuccio (tracks A4, B4)
membranophone programming:
Eric Rosse (track A2)
Steve Caton (tracks A2, B6)
David Rhodes (guitarist, singer, and songwriter) (track B1)
Jef Scott (track B2)
Steve Caton (track A2)
Will McGregor (tracks A4, B4, B6)
Jef Scott (track A1)
Matthew Seligman (track B1)
finger cymbals:
Philly (finger cymbalist) (track A3)
electric piano:
Tori Amos (track A4)
electric guitar:
Steve Caton (track A4)
electric guitar [rat pedal]:
Jake Freeze (track A4)
Paulinho da Costa (tracks A1, A6)
keyboard programming:
Eric Rosse (tracks A2, A4, B6)
John Philip Shenale (track A6)
Eric Williams (Ukulele, duclimer, etc.) (track A1)
Tori Amos (track A3)
piano [acoustic piano]:
Tori Amos (tracks A1–A2, A4–B1, B4, B6)
piano [acoustic vocal]:
Tori Amos (track B3)
piano and synthesizer:
Tori Amos (track B2)
Appalachian dulcimer [dulcimer]:
Eric Williams (Ukulele, duclimer, etc.) (track A6)
guitar family:
Steve Caton (track B4)
additional recording engineer:
Leslie Ann Jones (track A3)
assistant recording engineer:
Leslie Ann Jones (tracks A1, A5–A6, B2)
background vocals:
Steve Caton (track A4)
Eric Rosse (track A4)
Tori Amos (track A6)
background vocals [backgrounds]:
Steve Caton (track B6)
Eric Rosse (track B6)
Tori Amos (tracks A2, B4, B6)
Tina Gullickson (track A1)
Nancy Shanks (tracks A1, B6)
background vocals and lead vocals:
Tori Amos (track A3)
Tori Amos (tracks A1, A3, A5–A6, B2–B3)
Tori Amos (1987 – 1991) (track B1)
Tori Amos (1990-12) (tracks A2, A4, B4, B6)
Tori Amos (1991-08) (track B5)
Nick de Caro (tracks A3, A5)
lead vocals:
Tori Amos (track B6)
Tori Amos (tracks A1, A3, A5–A6, B2–B3)
Tori Amos (1987 – 1991) (track B1)
Tori Amos (1990-12) (tracks A2, A4, B4, B6)
Tori Amos (1991-08) (track B5)
Ross Cullum (tracks A3, B1)
Jon Kelly (tracks A2, A5)
Paul McKenna (Mixing Engineer) (tracks A1, A4, B4, B6)
John Beverly Jones (track A6)
Nick de Caro (tracks A3, A5)
Eric Rosse (tracks A2, A4, B4, B6)
Davitt Sigerson (tracks A1, A3, A5–A6, B2–B3)
Tori Amos (tracks A2, A4, B4, B6)
Ian Stanley (track B1)
recording engineer:
Eric Rosse (tracks A2, A4, B4, B6)
Paul Corkett (track B1)
John Beverly Jones (tracks A1, A3, A5–A6, B2–B3)
Dan Nebenzal (tracks A4, B4)
Ian Stanley (track B5)
Steve Williams (UK recording engineer) (track B1)
Tori Amos (tracks A1–A2, A4–B5)
Sword and Stone (1991) (tracks A1–B6)
recorded at:
Capitol Studios (Hollywood, CA) in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States (1990 – 1990-06) (tracks A1, A3, A5–A6, B2–B3)
sampled by:
Out of Body Experience (part of “Northern Exposure” DJ-mix) by Rabbit in the Moon (track A4)
later translated versions:
冷戰 (Cantonese) (track A3)
recording of:
Crucify (1990 – 1990-06) (track A1)
Happy Phantom (1990 – 1990-06) (track A6)
Leather (1990 – 1990-06) (track B2)
Mother (1990 – 1990-06) (track B3)
Silent All These Years (1990 – 1990-06) (track A3)
Winter (1990 – 1990-06) (track A5)
Girl (1990-12) (track A2)
Little Earthquakes (1990-12) (track B6)
Precious Things (1990-12) (track A4)
Tear in Your Hand (1990-12) (track B4)
China (1991) (track B1)
Me and a Gun (1991-08 – 1991) (track B5)