This is the second "How Slow" CD Razormaid released; the first three were released with catalog numbers SP-CD-07, -08 and -10. After that the format switched to SLOW CD-x, which ran from SLOW CD-4 through SLOW CD-10. The rest of the releases in the SP-CD-x series were titled "This is...ONLY A Test!"

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Ever So Lonely (Digital Mix By Art Maharg)
Monsoon 6:47
2 Silly Games (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)
Lindy Layton 7:09
3 Etienne (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)
Guesch Patti 6:31
4 I'm Following You (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)
Madonna 6:56
5 Natural Thing (Digital Mix By Art Maharg)
Innocence 6:38
6 It's Here (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)
Kim Wilde 5:25
7 Treu Sind Wir (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)
T.S.A.R. 6:38
8 Charisma Kommando (Digital Mix By Art Maharg)
Falco 6:58
9 Runaway (Digital Mix By Art Maharg)
Cabaret Voltaire 6:10
10 Won't Talk About It (Digital Mix By Art Maharg)
Beats International 5:58
11 Occupy Your Mind (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)
Dusty Springfield 7:10
12 Everyone's A Winner (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)
Altair 4 6:21


CD 1

Vincent Bruley (track 3)
Steve Coe (track 1)
Guesch Patti (track 3)
Kim Wilde (track 6)
Ricky Wilde (track 6)
is the basis for:
So Lonely (track 1)
recording of:
Ever So Lonely (track 1)
It’s Here (track 6)
Étienne (track 3)

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