This is the second "How Slow" CD Razormaid released; the first three were released with catalog numbers SP-CD-07, -08 and -10. After that the format switched to SLOW CD-x, which ran from SLOW CD-4 through SLOW CD-10. The rest of the releases in the SP-CD-x series were titled "This is...ONLY A Test!"

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Ever So Lonely (Digital Mix By Art Maharg)
Monsoon 6:47
2 Silly Games (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)
Lindy Layton 7:09
3 Etienne (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)
Guesch Patti 6:31
4 I'm Following You (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)
Madonna 6:56
5 Natural Thing (Digital Mix By Art Maharg)
Innocence 6:38
6 It's Here (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)
Kim Wilde 5:25
7 Treu Sind Wir (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)
T.S.A.R. 6:38
8 Charisma Kommando (Digital Mix By Art Maharg)
Falco 6:58
9 Runaway (Digital Mix By Art Maharg)
Cabaret Voltaire 6:10
10 Won't Talk About It (Digital Mix By Art Maharg)
Beats International 5:58
11 Occupy Your Mind (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)
Dusty Springfield 7:10
12 Everyone's A Winner (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)
Altair 4 6:21


CD 1

Billy Bragg (track 10)
Vincent Bruley (track 3)
Steve Coe (track 1)
Norman Cook (track 10)
Billy Bragg (track 10)
Norman Cook (track 10)
Guesch Patti (track 3)
Kim Wilde (track 6)
Ricky Wilde (track 6)
Copyright Control (not for release label use! this is only for copyrights and publishing relationships) (track 10)
Go! Discs Music (track 10)
has revision:
is the basis for:
So Lonely (track 1)
recording of:
Ever So Lonely (track 1)
It’s Here (track 6)
Étienne (track 3)
revision of:
Won’t Talk About It (original version) (track 10)

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