Note: Please double check the release events here because Wikipedia said it was due out Aug.29 in North America and Aug.28 elsewhere, but has it listed for Aug.28 in the USA (a typical Tuesday release date) and Aug.27 in the UK (a typical Monday release date).

Current uncreatable relations:
- Produced by Dirty Icon Productions
- Mixed by Dirty Icon Productions

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Bleed the Fifth 3 3:06
2 Failed Creation 3:37
3 This Threat Is Real 4:23
4 Impossible Is Nothing 3 3:56
5 Savior Self 3:18
6 Rise of the Scorned 4:55
7 False Gospel 3:20
8 Soul Decoded (Now and Forever) 4:02
9 Royal Blood Heresy 4:43
10 Closure 3:34



mixer and co-producer:Divine Heresy
ASIN:DE: B000S6EU8Y [info]

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Wikipedia:en: Bleed the Fifth [info]
Wikidata:Q2531210 [info]