12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Free to Be… A Family The Melody Makers 3:36
A2 Boy Meets Girl… Again Mel Brooks and Marlo Thomas 2:16
A3 Something for Everyone Marlo Thomas, Kermit The Frog and The Muppets 2:47
A4 Some Things Don’t Make Any Sense at All Steve Martin 0:17
A5 It’s Not My Fault Soul Asylum 2:48
A6 Edith Ann in And That’s the Truth, Part 1 Lily Tomlin 0:21
A7 I’m Never Afraid (To Say What’s on My Mind) Bonnie Raitt 2:36
A8 Doris Knows Everything Whoopi Goldberg 1:38
A9 Jimmy Says Pat Benatar 2:54
A10 The Day Dad Made Toast Robin Williams 6:06
A11 Thank Someone Amy Grant and John Hiatt 2:46
B1 Yourself Belongs to You The Fat Boys 4:11
B2 And Superboy Makes 3 Christopher Reeve, Elaine May, Mike Nichols and Phil Donahue 5:00
B3 Friendly Neighborhood Marlo Thomas 2:58
B4 Crowded Tub Gilda Radner 0:17
B5 On My Pond Kermit The Frog and The Muppets 3:29
B6 Edith Ann in And That’s the Truth, Part 2 Lily Tomlin 0:20
B7 The Stupid Song Ladysmith Black Mambazo 1:40
B8 Another Cinderella Marlo Thomas, Bea Arthur, Jane Curtin and Gilda Radner 6:09
B9 The Turn of the Tide Carly Simon 5 4:04


12" Vinyl 1

Frank Vilardi (track B9)
Hugh McCracken (track B9)
guitar [lead guitar]:
Mick Jones (Foreigner/Spooky Tooth, worked in France) (track B9)
Tony Levin (US rock bassist/chapman stick) (track B9)
keyboard [keyboards]:
Robbie Kondor (track B9)
Robbie Kondor (track B9)
Arif Mardin (track B9)
background vocals:
Barbara Ames (track B9)
Rachele Cappelli (track B9)
Reggie Griffin (track B9)
James Hart (background vocalist for Carly Simon) (track B9)
Cissy Houston (track B9)
Mark Jones (US country guitarist/vocalist/songwriter, member of Exile) (track B9)
Samantha Jones (track B9)
Sean Lennon (track B9)
Cindy Mizelle (track B9)
Jo Morris (track B9)
Lucy Simon (track B9)
Frank Filipetti (track B9)
Carly Simon (track B9)
Arif Mardin (track B9)