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CD 1
1Do The Reggay
The Maytals3:09
2Train To Skaville
The Ethiopians2:52
3Ali Baba
John Holt2:39
The Pioneers3:06
5In The Spirit
Lloyd Charmers2:51
6Feel The Rhythm
Clancy Eccles2:32
7Funky, Funky Reggae
Dave Barker2:46
8Night Doctor
The Upsetters2:51
9The Wicked Must Survive
The Reggae Boys2:28
10(If It Don't Work Out) Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
Pat Kelly2:50
11Last Call (aka Tribute To Drumbago)
The Dynamites2:44
12Hey Boy, Hey Girl
Derrick Morgan3:22
13Reggae Girl
The Tennors2:23
14Last Flight To Reggae City
Stranger Cole & Tommy McCook2:47
15Easy Snappin'
Theo Beckford2:43
16Get On The Right Track
Phyllis Dillon & Hopeton Lewis2:28
17Hold Down
The Kingstonians2:51
18For A Few Dollars More
The Upsetters2:14
19Children Get Ready
The Versatiles2:58
20Everybody Needs Love
Slim Smith2:20
21Vigerton 2
King Stitt3:15
22Scare Him
The Maytals2:30
23Moonlight Groover
Winston Wright2:29
24Hold You Jack
Derrick Morgan2:43
25Samfie man
The Pioneers2:59
26Man From Carolina
The G.G. All Stars2:59
27Stay A Little Bit Longer
Delano Stewart2:21
28Sweet Sensation
The Melodians3:53
CD 2
1Sweet And Dandy
The Maytals3:08
2Another Scorcher
Jackie Bernard & The Tennors2:47
3John Public (Tom Hark)
The Dynamites2:12
4Stealing Stealing (Thief In The Night)
John Holt2:02
5The Drifter
Dennis Walks2:42
6What A Fire
The Ethiopians2:40
7Dry Acid
Count Sticky & The Upsetters2:53
8I Can't Hide
Ken Parker2:24
9Throw Me Corn
Winston Shand & The Sheiks2:34
10Check Him Out
The Bleechers2:26
11What Am I To Do
Tony Scott3:13
12The Magnificent Seven
The Soul Kings2:54
13Catch The Beat
The Pioneers2:47
14Let Me Tell You Boy
The Ebony Sisters3:08
15Shine Eye Gal
Vincent Foster2:03
16Good Time Rock
Hugh Malcolm2:16
17Flight 404
Winston Wright & The G.G. All Stars2:52
18Look Who A Buss Style
The Meditators2:43
19El Casino Royale
Count Sticky with Lyn Taitt & the Jets2:40
20Win Your Love For Me
George A. Penny2:50
21Loving Reggae
The Maytones2:57
221,000 Tons of Megaton
Roland Alphonso2:15
23No Business Of Yours
George Williams2:13
Carl Dawkins1:46
25It Miek
Desmond Dekker & the Aces2:21
26The Bullet
Rico Rodrigues & The Rudies3:13
27Revenge Of Eastwood
The Prophets2:55
28Moon Hop
Derrick Morgan3:09