Released on Forova's website only on Feb 24, 2013. Recorded in London.
Songs from the White Dandelions album were born in Los Angeles, Genova and Munich. To help this album to come to life Nikki has traveled to London and collaborated with two famous producers Patrick Wood and Andreas Ollson.

Andreas Ollson produced world famous major and indie artists amongst which are: Jason Mraz, Mary J Blige, James Morrison, Train and more. Patrick is famous for his work with a YouTube wonder, Emily and the Woods, and Ryan Keen

Patrick's talent for producing, recording and mixing raw intimate tracks of vocals, strings, guitars, drums and bass was perfect for Nikki's approach to this album. Patrick's productions are warm sounding and soothing to the ear.

Andreas brings to the table creating layers of electronic sounds, his intuitive approach with getting the best performances out of the artist and other studio musicians, working with beats, guitars and creating palpable sound mixes.

Nikki wrote all the string arrangements, incidental instruments, warm organ sounds, pads and other peculiar sounds running throughout this record. Overall Nikki calls this album: "warm and fuzzy... down to earth and then taking a flight... zoom in and zoom out."

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Digital Media 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Snapshots of Sky 5 2:19
2 Supernova 5 5:20
3 Between Your Eyes and Mine 5 3:27
4 White Dandelions 5 4:46
5 Raising the Blood 5 4:09
6 Heaven of Mine 5 3:47
7 Open Your Eyes 5 5:26
8 Song for You 5 2:55
9 Edge of the Rainbow 5 3:21



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