Cassette 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Saturday Night 4 3:42
A2. Dope Sucks 2:06
A3 One 1:54
A4 Doin' It 2:39
A5 Champagne (& Wine) 3:32
A6. Back (In Y'r Love) 1:49
A7 Hit 2:48
B1 R & Roll Junkie 2:47
B2 Never Enough 2:31
B3 Pain 1:52
B4 Get Lost 3:12
B5 Hot-Talk 1:44
B6 Prisoners 1:41
B7 Doreen 2:32
B8 Skid Row 2:35


Cassette 1

Bert Jansen (tracks A7, B3)
Herman Brood (tracks A4, A6., B1, B8)
Dany Lademacher (Belgian guitarist) (track A1)
Gerrit Veen (tracks A6., B8)
guest synthesizer:
Robert Jan Stips (track A1)
Herman Brood (tracks A1, A4, B1)
Petrus Hermandus Hubertus Hawinkels (tracks A3, A6.–A7, B6, B8)
Herman Brood (tracks A2., B2–B4, B7)
Roy Lee Johnson (US R&B singer and guitarist) (track A5)
Dany Lademacher (Belgian guitarist) (tracks A2., B7)
Otis Redding (track A5)
Hugo Sinszheimer (tracks B2, B5)
Allen Walden (track A5)
Radio Tele Music (publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track A2.)
cover recording of:
Champagne (& Wine) (track A5)
recording of:
Back (In Y'r Love) (track A6.)
Doin' It (track A4)
Dope Sucks (track A2.)
Doreen (track B7)
Get Lost (track B4)
Hit (track A7)
Hot-Talk (track B5)
Never Enough (track B2)
One (track A3)
Pain (track B3)
Prisoners (track B6)
Saturday Night (track A1)
Skid Row (track B8)


photography:Anton Corbijn (photography)
graphic design:Dorien van der Valk
co-engineer:Pierre Geoffroy Chateau
co-producer:Robin Freeman (British recording engineer, producer and musician based in the Netherlands)
producer:Herman Brood & His Wild Romance
bass guitar:Freddie Cavalli
guest saxophone:Bertus Borgers
guitar family:Dany Lademacher (Belgian guitarist)
membranophone:Ani Meerman
piano and lead vocals:Herman Brood
additional vocals:Herman Brood & His Wild Romance
guest background vocals:Monica Tjen-A-Kwoei
Floor van Zutphen
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ASIN:US: B000007W1K [info]

Release Group

artist & repertoire support:Robin Freeman (British recording engineer, producer and musician based in the Netherlands)
tribute to:Petrus Hermandus Hubertus Hawinkels
included in:3 Original Album Classics
Wikipedia:en: Shpritsz [info]
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Wikidata:Q2865113 [info]