First pressing of 1000 copies. Gatefold jacket with embossed gold foil.
Includes digital download in either MP3 or FLAC files.

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Adventure
3 3:18
A2 Puzzle
4 2:14
A3 Beyond
4 3:05
A4 Progress
3 4:16
A5 Beacon
3 2:33
A6 Flow
4 3:47
B1 Formations
4 2:20
B2 Legend
3 1:18
B3 Compass
4 2:44
B4 Forgotten
4 2:34
B5 Sync
4.65 2:19
B6 Glitch
4 3:25
B7 Fear
3 3:32
12" Vinyl 2
# Title Rating Length
C1 Spirit
3 2:52
C2 Nature
3 4:10
C3 Knowledge
4 1:49
C4 Death
3.65 3:31
C5 Memory
3 1:16
C6 Pressure
4 4:00
C7 Nocturne
3 2:13
D1 Age
3 2:58
D2 Majesty
4 3:22
D3 Continuum
4 2:35
D4 Home
4 1:35
D5 Reflection
3 9:02
D6 Love
3 1:09


12" Vinyl 1

Rich Vreeland (tracks A1–B7)
Rich Vreeland (tracks A1–B7)
Formations by Disasterpeace (track B1)
sampled by:
Pixel Empire by Madeon (track B5)
part of:
OverClocked ReMix works catalog (number: 25855) (track A1)
part of:
FEZ (Video Game Soundtrack) (tracks A1–B7)
recording of:
Adventure (FEZ) (track A1)
Beacon (FEZ) (track A5)
Beyond (FEZ) (track A3)
Compass (FEZ) (track B3)
Fear (FEZ) (track B7)
Flow (FEZ) (track A6)
Forgotten (FEZ) (track B4)
Formations (FEZ) (track B1)
Glitch (FEZ) (track B6)
Legend (FEZ) (track B2)
Progress (FEZ) (track A4)
Puzzle (FEZ) (track A2)
Sync (FEZ) (track B5)

12" Vinyl 2

Rich Vreeland (tracks C1–D6)
Rich Vreeland (tracks C1–D6)
arrangement of:
Home (Song Cycle: The History of Video Games) (track D4)
part of:
FEZ (Video Game Soundtrack) (tracks C1–D6)
recording of:
Age (FEZ) (track D1)
Continuum (FEZ) (track D3)
Death (FEZ) (track C4)
Home (FEZ) (track D4)
Knowledge (FEZ) (track C3)
Love (FEZ) (track D6)
Majesty (FEZ) (track D2)
Memory (FEZ) (track C5)
Nature (FEZ) (track C2)
Nocturne (FEZ) (track C7)
Pressure (FEZ) (track C6)
Reflection (FEZ) (track D5)
Spirit (FEZ) (track C1)