Silver Streams is a collection of melodic, orchestral movements developed to relieve your stress and aid your body in relaxation. A musical journey through the English Countryside. The CD is augmented with original recordings of bird song and trickling streams. Each piece has been arranged to lead effortlessly into the next. This CD is the first album release by Sounds That Soothe. Silver Streams has been written and produced by Martin Mayer, Director of the new company. Martin was inspired to write an instrumental soundtrack to one of his favourite parts of the World: the Peak District, England.

"I have always loved to visit the area. It is a great place to escape the stress and strain of modern life." explained Martin. "The Peak District is full of magical, serene places. For instance, the Derwent Valley is one of the most peaceful places I know. I feel privileged to live so close to all this beauty and I wanted to express this in my first release for Sounds That Soothe."

In a recent review, Bill Binkelman of Wind & Wire online magazine commented, "...Silver Streams impressed me with its engineering and production (both of which are excellent) as well as the overall positive feeling that flows through the entire album..."

"For new age music fans who are eager to hear something besides the usual (albeit excellent) recordings from labels like New Earth, New World and Real Music, Silver Streams offers solid proof that independent artists can still create music in the genre that is of high quality and also offers something other than the norm..." Review by Bill Binkelman - Wind & Wire

Based near Manchester in the UK, Sounds That Soothe aim to produce music that is both relaxing and inspiring. Music that calms but that also keeps the listener interested. Beautiful and melodic sonic landscapes that give an escape into serenity. With further releases in production, Sounds That Soothe aim to expand the scope of New Age music.

Silver Streams is available on Audio Compact Disc.

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Medium 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Springtime
2 Highland Sunrise
3 Morning Sunshine
4 Soaring
5 A Walk Through the Forest
6 Night Swimming
7 Distant Shores



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