• John Cameron Mitchell: Hedwig, Tommy Gnosis
  • Miriam Shor: Yitzak
  • Cheater: "The Angry Inch"
    • Stephen Trask: Skszp
    • Chris Weilding: Krzyzhtoff
    • Scott Bilbrey: Jacek
    • David McKinley: Schlatko

SubOptimal Credits

  • Has book by John Cameron Mitchell

Random Number Generation is not actually a song from the show. It is a song from the band Cheater, which predated the show.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Tear Me Down 3:49
2 The Origin of Love 5:27
3 Random Number Generation 2:41
4 Sugar Daddy 4:28
5 Angry Inch 3:04
6 Wig in a Box 5:26
7 Wicked Little Town 3:40
8 The Long Grift 2:45
9 Hedwig's Lament 1:45
10 Exquisite Corpse 3:04
11 Wicked Little Town (reprise) 3:40
12 Midnight Radio 5:21


CD 1

additional vocals:
Miriam Shor (tracks 1, 6)
background vocals:
John Cameron Mitchell (tracks 3, 8)
Miriam Shor (track 8)
Stephen Trask (tracks 1–12)
lead vocals:
John Cameron Mitchell (tracks 1–2, 4–7, 9–12)
Miriam Shor (track 3)
Stephen Trask (track 8)
Stephen Trask (tracks 1–12)
Cheater (The Hedwig-related group) (tracks 1–12)
later translated versions:
A origem do amor (track 2)
Cadáver refinado (track 10)
Golpe de amor (track 8)
Lamento de Hedwig (track 9)
Mundo cruel (track 7)
Noite no rádio (track 12)
Papa anjo (track 4)
Peruca encaixotada (track 6)
Querem me derrubar (track 1)
recording of:
Angry Inch (track 5)
Exquisite Corpse (track 10)
Hedwig's Lament (track 9)
Midnight Radio (track 12)
Sugar Daddy (track 4)
Tear Me Down (track 1)
The Long Grift (track 8)
The Origin of Love (track 2)
Wicked Little Town (track 7)
Wig in a Box (track 6)


art direction:Jeff Gilligan
design/illustration:Jeff Gilligan
Danielle Poncheri
photography:Rivka Katvan
Carol Rosegg
Amy Siegel
liner notes:Danny Fields
John Cameron Mitchell
mixer:Chris Lord‐Alge
additional engineer:Reto Peter
engineer:John David Hiler
executive producer:Craig Kallman
producer:Brad Wood
editor and mastering:Emily Lazar (founder and mastering engineer at "The Lodge" NY)
performer:Cheater (The Hedwig-related group)
John Cameron Mitchell
Miriam Shor
librettist:John Cameron Mitchell
Discogs: [info]
ASIN:US: B00000HZFP [info]

Release Group

artist & repertoire support:Mary Gormley
Craig Kallman
associated singles/EPs:Angry Inch